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D&D4E: Ding!

After last week's epic battle against an Indiana Jones-style boulder trap and various drakes and kobold lords, what could possibly await us in the cavern below the tower ruins, from whence came the acrid stink of dragonbreath and fear?

Could it be......?

We sent Wenner, the halfling thief, to check it out. He crept around turn after turn, beckoning the rest of us after him. We cautiously followed. At the entrance to a room we could not see the end of, Wenner went bouncing through like a maniac, alerting everything inside to our presence.

Frickin' dice rolls.

A whispery voice asked, "Is that you, --?"

Bryn cast a light spell that lit the darkness. From it strode a dragonborn, clad in scale armor and looking awfully familiar. "Ralph? Big brother? Is that you?"

".... TIPA?" he roared.

Actually, no. We didn't know each other. But we all look alike, right?

I tried reasoning with him while readying my halberd. "We killed all your friends --"

"Except the one you healed!" snickered Wenner.

"Well, yes, except that one. Nonetheless, I've no desire to slay a countryman, even one who follows Tiamat's lies. Leave us your armor, weapons, loot and experience points, and you can keep your life."

"Riiiiiiight," said Ralph, as Sheeoil socked him with a spell and Wenner made the air deadly with shuriken. Ralph pulled out his long sword, leaped over the slime pit, and stabbed me.

I choked him with acid and swung at him with the halberd. We all burned action points to keep Ralph off balance; Sheeoil and Wenner got him back in the slime pit and kept him struggling while Bryn sent fiery magic missiles at him.

Then he stood up and killed me. I made a save against death; Sheeoil brought me back to consciousness. I staggered to my feet and poked Ralph with the halberd while death whirred toward the dragonborn from all directions -- and that was that, the beast was dead.

Mom is going to be SO PISSED.

I worried myself about the name Ralph called to the darkness. Would we be facing a second enemy from behind? I used my remaining healing surges to bring myself back to health while the others converged on a chest in the corner.

Finally satisfied that there would be no more fighting here, I joined the others in looking for likely loot. Wenner looked sneakily suspicious about something. Why is it we always let the THIEVES open the chests first?

Oddly, Ralph had stored absolutely nothing in that chest. How unusual.

Well, except for this bit of dragonhide. And a strangely light sword. And some gold pieces. And 250 experience points.

OMG DING. Level 2!

We returned to town and sought out the liege lord, the one with the glowing question mark hovering over his head. He gave us our reward for the kobold ears Wenner had collected, gave us the name of a merchant who could help reveal to us the secrets behind the orb Wenner had forgotten to tell us about, my sword, and Bryn's dragonhead staff.

There was another task he had for us, one dealing with the arcane art of Cartography and a newly-discovered ruin. A new ruin. Just ruined last week.

But first -- to the magic merchant!

My sword -- a Longsword +1 Lifedrinker. If I crit, my target gets a 1d6 lingering necrotic effect. If I get the killing blow, I get some temporary hit points. The orb was a focusing orb of some sort, and I forget what the staff did.

Minor increases in power for all except Sheeoil, who will have to wait until next week to ding, as he missed a night's adventuring.


Sorry for no D&D update last week. I was on Benadryl and largely out of it.
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I think is 
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West Karana

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Stargrace of MMO Quests interviewed me about gaming :)
Stargrace originally shared:
A new monthly feature I've added to MmoQuests, hope you all enjoy it as much as I did writing it! Congratulations +Brenda Holloway, it is well deserved.
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Space Channel 5 Part 2!

Testing an automatically generated blog post. #wp
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i found out about it when i played the demo
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There will be stuff here soon! Promise!
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DCUO: It's a hard light.

Okay, so in SOE's DC Universe Online, people are getting random superpowers by being infected with some superpower thing cooked up by Brainiac. You wake up one morning, you have superpowers. Maybe you have to escape from Brainiac's space ship, but whatever.

With DCUO's Lords of Light (or whatever) expansion pack, you can have Green Lantern or Sinestro's powers. Including a power ring. Note power ring on my character below.

Soooooo where'd the power ring come from?

I played DCUO in beta. I even pre-ordered it and put down a $5 deposit on it, but after working my way through the first quest line, I was so bored I never bought the game, that $5 was just wasted.

It's free now, though, and people I know are playing it, so I told Steam to send it to me while I was off taking pictures of bridges in the rain today (yay!). It was finished downloading by the time I got home. I started it up and immediately got a message from +Eric Redman asking if I'd be interested in creating an evil, Sinestro-type character and joining his guild.

Well, duh. Being a Green Lantern is the only thing I ever wanted from DCUO, and was a key reason in my disappointment in beta. The Sinestro Corps is just like the Green Lantern Corps, just yellower.

As a Station Pass subscriber, I even got the Phosphorescent Photons (whatever) expansion free, so I made my character with Sinestro as my mentor (which gave me all his powers and, apparently, his ring, which I imagine he'll miss in a bit), popped into the tutorial mission and kicked butt.

Later on, Lex Luthor stopped by and helped me kick butt. All along I was being shepherded around by a mysterious person who was interested in getting me off the ship for no apparent reason.

I met up with Eric's character. He modeled super outfits for me and shot me with a gunship. You know, he's a bad guy, he does stuff like that.

He helped me out with a small project to corrupt local university students by forcing them into Occupy Metropolis movements, and then infecting them with mutagens. Bwahahaha. That eventually got us joined up with the supervillain Parasite to capture Power Girl and force her to put on some clothing. And steal some of her DNA.

She's the cousin of Superman in this game. I thought Supergirl was Superman's cousin?

Is DCUO suddenly interesting because it is F2P? Well, it was always part of the Station Pass, so I'd never be paying anything additional to play the game. The controller/combo-based gameplay is something I find tiring if forced to do it very long. The game seems designed to be a pick-up-and-play game. Can DCUO be fun for thirty minutes a day?


Will I still be playing it in two weeks?

That's the real question.
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I enjoyed it when I played the beta but I couldn't see myself paying 15 bucks for access at the time, I know it's gone F2P with very limiting options but I played it as a single player game guess I can still do the same with a bronze account
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Ignore this please!
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Because someone cares about a new profile photo.
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