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So Amazon has announced the Kindle Fire, its new reader/tablet. This new device is also coming up with a NEW web browser. While this could be something painful for web developers, let's assume that this will likely use some existing technology and jump immediately to something I brought up on twitter this morning: privacy.

Obviously, pretty much no internet browsing is completely private, but at this point browsers like Amazon Silk have me a bit concerned. And, to some degree, your browsing usually means you are sharing your data/activity with another entity (the website you are visiting).

If I make a request to a page (say, they'll stream that down to my machine from their cached content "in the cloud" and make it all mobile-friendly while they are at it. So now they know I'm going to read (and apparently they'll make intuitive guesses about where I'm going to go next on too). That's sort of peaking in on privacy, but what about if I connect to a site with SSL? Amazon will, apparently, create a secure connection between the Kindle and the cloud. Sweet, my data is safe!

Except, Amazon will also have the opportunity to see all that data because they will use their own secure connection between the cloud and the service I'm connecting to. This means that your web mail (gmail, etc), intranet, bank software, and shopping cart data (to name some) could be visible to Amazon. I'm sure that Amazon doesn't want anything to do with this sort of responsibility and I'm sure that they have safeguards in place, but now we aren't just handing over a search or something trivial: we're potentially handing over everything to a third party.

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For better, for worse, went for a road bike ride tonight. In the matter of 2 hours I had ~3 bottles of Nuun and drank ~.5 bottles worth of gatorade. Thats a lot!

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Cycling Crash on Tour de France'2011 (Stage #1 Passage du Goi ...
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