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Anthony DiLaura
I play math. I have a passion for life. My purpose is to create a better world.
I play math. I have a passion for life. My purpose is to create a better world.

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Anyone experiencing issues opening a .ibook file on their Mac? For some reason when I try to open an iBook on my Mac nothing happens. When I preview the iBook from iBooks Author on my Mac it appears but after closing and reopening the app the preview has disappeared. Any ideas for a fix? Thnx 

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Trying to make my mathfest videos more viewer

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Excited to announce registration is open for the 2016 iBookHack in Zeeland Michigan. The #ibookhack will take place on from August 1st-3rd and continues to be one of the best PD times for educators (but then again I'm a little biased).
Check out the details of the event on our website

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I stumbled across this blog post today when working with a colleague on a widget built in iAd Producer. I found it helpful especially if anyone is looking to create a widget that access the camera and/or makes use of the sketchpad. Specifically, the author shares her code to use the slider to adjust brush size- awesome! 

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xSTEM time lapse- Students begin the car build process. @mfenlon44 #PBL

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Just for fun

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Join us for a great day of learning August 13th for the 3rd annual #Zetacon @craiggreshaw

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There are some interesting effects you can create when you resize a widget to overflow the boarders of a page. For example, in this little demo I wanted the interactive keynote to play on full screen and act as if the inter activity lived on the page and not in a widget. 

Drop in keynote, resize to flow off the page, center it, turn off title, caption, background, set to play automatically, preview on mac. 

Note, you should create the original keynote to have a boarder of 15-25 pixels so that when you resize it on page and play it in iBooks it will fit the page (unlike this example). 

Enjoy playing!
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Day #3 of the iBookHack in Zeeland, MI. It's always fun for me to get together with +Steve Dickie and +Tara Maynard to help educators learn iBooks Author and design interactive content for their classroom.

We always have a bit of fun exploring new ideas and interactions in iBooks Author too. For example this year we are building an iBook on Baseball. We have a two page layout of Fenway park and in the image the center field score board is blanked out. 

So we thought 'why not add an animated gif that auto plays on the page and acts like the scoreboard lighting up displaying "BOSTON WINS!!". After a little finagling Steve finally used instant alpha to make the black scoreboard transparent and layered the gif behind the full page image! voila the scoreboard works!

We also added the song "Dirty water" to autoplay on page. For all you non-Red Sox fans, that is the song that they would play after games at Fenway that Boston won. 

p.s. there is no educational value we found in this little exploration but it is always fun to play!

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The one-of-a-kind teacher friendly hackathon. Designing and creating interactive content for your classroom. #educationaltechnology   #ipad  
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