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Ben Key
Software Engineer, Activist, Transwoman, and Aspiring Author.
Software Engineer, Activist, Transwoman, and Aspiring Author.


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#AfterGooglePlus #AfterGPlus #AfterThePluspocalypse
#GooglePlusForwardingAddress #GPlusForwardingAddress

Where You Can Find Me After Google+?

My Web Pages:

* The random ramblings of a not quite sane, or insane, transwoman:
* WordPress:
* My Second WordPress page, created as a backup of my Google+ Profile using Google+ Exporter:
* Blogger:
* Medium:

Social Media Profiles:

* G Suite Google+ Profile:
* MeWe:
* Pluspora:,
* Twitter:

Of course, I will remain active here on Google+ until the bitter, terrible end.

Now, if some of you were to follow my other Google+ profile, I will be able to get a custom URL for it instead of one that includes a random string of numbers.

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Sharing as text for those who rely on assistive technologies.

A cartoon with four panes.
There are two characters in the cartoon; Google+ and Death.

# Pane 1
Death: It is time to go.

# Pane 2
Google+: Was I a Good social media?

# Pane 3
Death: No.

# Pane 4
Death: I'm told you were the very best.

"Believe me, no one is breaking into this building any time soon."

Someone steals the entire building...

Now, that is funny!

From The Flash:S4:E12 "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash"

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Why not?
Can we get this cat image to 1000 reshares before google+ dies

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This is now one of my favorite songs.

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I created a new website on to serve as a backup of my Google+ Profile. That way, I will not loose any of my Google+ posts #AfterThePluspocalypse. My new website is

I created the new website using the Google+ Exporter found at

I highly recommend this application. It runs on GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.
Ben Key -- Google Plus
Ben Key -- Google Plus

I have seen some outrageous descriptions of women. For example, she has breasts so large they enter the room a minute before she does.

Is this actually possible?

Lets assume she is walking at standard speed, which is about 3.1 miles an hour. Thus the following equation can be used to calculate the size of her breasts.

l = (5280 * 3.1) / 60

l = 272.8

Thus, her breasts would have to be 272.8 feet long. That would be impossible.

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Cry baby Donnie Trumplestiltskin does not seem to understand exactly who owns the forests in California.

* 57%: Federal agencies (including the USDA Forest Service and USDI Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service).
* 40%: Families, Native American tribes, or companies.
* 3%: State and local agencies including CalFire, local open space, park and water districts and land trusts

To summarize, the Federal Government owns most of the forest land in California! Therefore, if the forest fires are the result of mismanagement, it is the Federal Government's fault.

So, Donnie Trumplestiltskin is threatening to punish a state for the actions of the Federal Government!

All hail Lord Dampnut!

For more information on who exactly owns the forests in California see [California Forests](

On the un-presidential address of the dishonorable Liar in Chief of The Divided States of America

* The Speech by tRump

* Pelosi, Schumer respond to Trump Oval Office address

* Bernie Sanders Responds to Trump's Oval Office Address

* Trump’s Speech to the Nation: Fact Checks and Background

* Six key things to know about Trump's border wall speech

* My Response

I called my senators and left the following message.

End the shutdown over Trump's wasteful wall. The Senate needs to vote on re-opening the government now, with no strings attached! Democrats and republicans agreed on a funding bill that included money for border security but did not include money for the wall. The shut down is the result of a temper tantrum by Trump over the lack of a wall. Therefore, this shut down is Trump's fault. It needs to end now.

All hail Lord Dampnut!

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