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Can anyone spare a code? I had Aviate, switched to CM, then I borked that pretty bad so I'm back on regular updates, but my Aviate doesn't recognize the code I previously used any longer.


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Won another level! Sorry for the spam, I promise no more!

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A fun, ARG-ish game to unlock more content in the new God of War game. Because why not.

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Fes of The Webcomic Beacon talked to Steve and I about Digital Strips and ... well, us, really. Listen!
Webcomic Beacon #257: Interview with Steve and Jason of Digital Strips

Jason Sigler and Steve Shinney, of Digital Strips, join Fes Works to talk about their podcast! Digital Strips is the oldest and still running webcomics podcast. For those interested, to my knowledge, the oldest, still updating webcomics podcasts include Digital Strips, The Dish, The Webcomic Beacon, and TGT Webcomics/Media.

#webcomics #comics #podcast

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It sounds AND looks like a fun idea, but it's not.

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Read this article this morning and I've gotten up from my work station every thirty minutes since finishing it.

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I might just do this myself someday soon. Chris' experience doing the same might sway me one way or the other.
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