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Express, Engage, Evolve!
Express, Engage, Evolve!

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Had it been so that i had the wings of fire, or if i were a true born human,

Had it been so that I had the wings of fire, Or If I were a true born human, Or I were powerful even as a devil, Or had I been able to read the mind Of good and evil and of common and uncommon, Or if I had the will of a spider, Not … Continue reading Had…

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When circumstances suddenly change in favor of two lovers, just a smiling kiss is enough for them.

I have just received a call from him, the unemployed educated youth, has come out of his house. He must be standing on a bus stop, in the busy hours of the Saturday evening. The whole world suffers from the Saturday night fever, I can afford to gift him a…

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I am selfish in this moment, and i am unashamed.

Body sat at desk, Huddled over a book. Eyes fixated on the page in front of you Finger twirling through your hair. The same eyes that often wander my body, Hands that get tangled in my skin. I watch the muscles in your arm flex as your write, The veins…

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Self reflections at midnight

It is night again, And the darkness wakes it all up. Rooms left to collect, the dust of Fault and dissent, and the Forgotten madness of bygone days. We have created so much with nothing, And done nothing with so much. Are we all souls in repair? As the…

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Darkness is a heaven for all the broken souls.

Surviving in a holy mess she fathomed, the storm inside her. Grateful, she was of the darkness who created a chaotic perfection inside a devilish beauty. She feared the wolves, yet, it was the one who ignited the forest fire inside a tranquil essence.…

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Ruins are beautiful too

You say you are at war You say you are battle worn You say you have gone all dark All weary and filled with scorn You say she took your life away You say you are left with nothing at all You say you are full of despair While she is seemingly having a ball…

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Child has the most beautiful and ravishing soul. His smile can infuse laughter and life in anyone's life.

In my good times.. in my bad times.. in my tough times .. in my rough times.. Only you have been there.. been there with me!! To lift my moods.. to make us sing together with cheerfulness and glee.. To hold my hand when the world turned its back.. to make…

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#feminity# #love# #womanhood# #breaking rules#

Does the society know my stand? I am not with a price tag to be sold to a man. I work everyday till the sky is red, till the earth turns black and the sound is dead. Why me? My rhyme and my smile My talk and my travel of miles My music , my … Continue…

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Muddle of the middle

He did not read my diary left open, to know my kind Just read that middle page from his age set mind If only he had the time and patience That would have checked him by his conscience To read till those last last scribbles of the diary’s leaf That would…

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Success, oneday , inspiration

Slowly into the path Path of hope, joy, greatness Standing all kind of weather Drizzles, showers, hurricane, all kinds With faith I still ride on It seems far away But I have heard stories of heroes who made it Am I not a hero? Oh yes I am I know it’s a…
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