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Did you order a Collector's Edition? Would you want one?
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I ordered it, just confirmed today that I have enough on my card to get it, and I'm a little miffed that Felicia Day got hers first.
No, I didn't! :( Yes, I would! :D
Can I get one without having to pay for it? 
Don'r order one but want it. The Charr is so badass. Qould be awesome on my desk at work.
Well +Alan Irwin, I bet +Felicia Day knows a few people.  Personally, I got the digital version.  Don't know what I'd do with a giant Charr statue, though the art book and soundtrack would be sweet. 
This one looks worth it, but I really can't justify the extra stuff as I probably would end up putting it back in a box since my apartment is so small and I don't really have the room at work either..
Do I want one? Absolutely. Am I going to pay the price of a brand new Wii bundle, some refurb xbox 360s, 2-3 full price new games, ect. No, not likely. Would I pay $79.99 like a lot of other collectors editions, of course. It comes with a lot of stuff, but eh that's a bit high. Some people will pay it and that's great for them. There were people who went hiking miles into woods for early access to ME3 too.
Pretty much. It costs about 2 copies worth.
+Amanda Park  yeah, if I was going to pay that much I think I'd rather buy my wife or a friend a copy to play with me.  Sound's better than pretty shelf clutter, some art you can find online, and some music I'll hear in the game anyways.
Felicia Day did the voice of Zoja in the game and got a collectors edition as a gift for that. After playing the Beta weekends and hearing her work, I'd say she earned it.

As for collectors editions, I only buy them on sale way after launch when they're dirt cheap. The plastic statues and other add ins aren't worth paying for by themselves. 
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