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Want to geek out on Python and data analysis this Friday night with core developers of Numpy, Scipy, IPython, Matplotlib, Pytables, Pandas, and other packages you know and love? Join us in Santa Clara at the Python Data Hack Night!

This event is part of the Python Data Workshop, but the Hack Night is at a different venue that can accomodate a much larger crowd, so bring your friends and RSVP! If you were sad that the Workshop itself was all sold out, this is your chance to still join in the fun!
+Travis Oliphant +Fernando Perez +Brian Granger +Min RK +John Hunter +Stéfan van der Walt +Francesc Alted +Wes McKinney +David Cournapeau Chris Mueller
The Python Data Workshop just got bigger! We are thrilled to announce that Ground Floor Silicon Valley is generously opening up their coworking space and hosting a Friday night Python Data Hack Night...
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Hey Peter are you going to have anything in Austin anytime soon?
We have monthly Python things in Austin! :-) Actually APUG is next Wednesday (Mar 7) instead of the week after because of SXSW.
Cool, I wasn't sure because I had not received a APUG update in a while. (Well, I haven't gone to the meetup website in a while either) Anyway, Congrats on your new venture with Travis. I know you guys will do well.
I am in the meedup group, but the group use to send me emails when changes
were up loaded.
I haven't seen these emails in about 4 months.
Looks like the reason is that somehow I was dropped from the group. I signed in again.
Ah, glad to have you back! :-)
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