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Jennifer Lawrence reveals 'really drunk' b4 sex scene w Chris Pratt, felt wracked w guilt afterwards bc he's married
Jennifer Lawrence has admitted she felt incredibly nervous and guilty about filming her first ever sex scene with married man Chris Pratt.
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Free faction change is happening for a brief time on one realm.  The post indicates that Blizzard might try it with other realms in the future.  Sounds like they are doing this as an experiment, and have an interest in doing it more.

The goal is to achieve better balancing of people queueing for PvP in a region on Horde & Alliance characters.  [They don't seem be be offering perks to active PvP-ers this first time around, though.]

Think this could be a way to make a one time, once in a blue moon, change regarding which side of the Horde/Alliance boundary a huge chunk of gold sits?

Blizzard seems to, as a policy, transfer your gold with a faction change.

Racial mounts might be a different matter but I think when they wrote the policy mounts were per character.  So perhaps today, they don't actually move mounts, they just flip the mount polarity switch — so to speak.  Not sure.

Worth keeping an eye on, in my opinion.
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Here is the standing policy on faction changes in general.
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Leatherworking seems to be cheapest and easiest way to create Hypnotic Dust, correct?
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Any guestimates on how high price of two Hallows End holiday pets could rise after holiday and how long it will take to get there?
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I am hoping to make some golds this weekend off of Children's Week pets.
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PetJournal Enhanced addon just dropped a day ago for 5.4.

While there seem to be now new features, the developer labored over the weekend to get it working with WoW 5.4.

I love this addon a lot and missed it greatly for the 5 days it was out of commission.  It supplements the existing Pet Journal window without subverting it at all from a user's standpoint.

It adds in really good filters.  My one beef with default+it's GUI is this:  no direct capability for auto assembling a team or candidates for a team based on weather/effects that help or are caused by particular pets currently available spells and/or make them really good opponent(s) for pets of 1-3 species I know I will be facing in a moment.

That stuff really matters if you want to reap max XP for your pets or go toe to toe with a master pet tamer's epic pets.

Filtering would be a bit weak for this.  I would want an actual query capability, preferably with a GUI drag-and-drop and/or forms UI to specify the query selection criteria.  And then what I would want to come out of the search could be one to three sets of qualified candidates and/or perhaps some suggested teams based upon my request.

To make the results "actionable" I would want to be able to drag a whole recommended team or individual pets to the "current" team of the Pet Journal or a "stored" team of PetJournal enhanced's sidebar.

Does any addon provide this searching capability?
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There is an achievement to battle pretty much all the battle pet tamers — from memory, I think it was around 40 — in one wow day.

I think Pet Battle Teams would be pretty useful to have set up in advance for that.  Just moving around the continents, healing between fights, and waiting for cool downs would be rough unless you have tons of really high level battle pets to keep throwing at what comes along, I suspect.

I have a bunch of level 25 rare quality battle pets, as I suspect many players do nowadays.  Even with 25 rare ones, fighting the level 25 epics of some of the tamers is hard unless you carefully match up their species and sometimes the species of their attacks even.
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John Collins

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Hello!  Thank you for letting me into your community.  I hope I can be helpful & helped here.  Please let me know of any ground rules beyond normal good manners and commercial spammage I generally adhere to anyway.

Quick question:  How stable is TSM2, the whole suite, right now?
Rationale:  Skillet looks mighty inviting because it makes somewhat limited changes to the Profession windows and does not require a suite of addons to get going.  Yet it still provides handy augmentation to views/controls to navigate and assess economic worth of changing this to that.  But Skillet is still 5.3 addon with a bunch of users blithely ignoring that and complaining about internal conniptions it has.  I don't know when it will be 5.4 compatible but TSM2 has been since about the day that 5.4 dropped.

Question:  How much do TSM2 and Skillet change the as shipped WoW Profession UIs?
Rationale:  I love improvements and embellishments but I kind of feel like if you are going to turn the whole cart upside down, maybe you should just build a different cart.  If things get overly complicated, they can become laborious or unintuitive to use.  Plus, the risk is heightened it will become unstable due to an accident or "incompatibilities" with other addons that simply tangentially "look" at the data for the windows in question or augment tooltips. 

Question: What addons is TSM2 and was Skillet incompatible with?
Rationale, I don't want to throw one addon overboard to give a berth to another!

Thanks for your help if you have time to give any.  I would be extremely happy if you just respond to one question at a time, starting with the easiest for you to answer.

I really respect the information you convey in your podcasts.  I love how you run a screencast during much of the show so I can see how things are actually working while I am hearing it described.
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Welcome. While I don't use Skillet TSM seems fairly stable. As far as professions TSM added a "TSM" tab to professions window if you want to switch back the the default professions UI.
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John Collins

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Windows 8 users are already getting held up for ransom, Softpedia and Windows software makers report. This hurts everybody except the people/companies making money off the Windows 8 software flaws.

When they play, we all pay when crooks use this ransomware way to rob America. #WindowsRage   #malware   #crime   #economy   #usa  
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Twitter seems to have gone down about half an hour ago. It may be connecting. But it's not returning pages or responding to commands.
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I liked Unity's looks/concept.
But lord, it was the most unstable desktop I've used in a long time, if you overlook Windows 95/98 which nothing could beat at instability.
What's your favorite desktop environment ?
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Gnome Shell/Gnome Classic
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<3 :-)
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I got the Lil' Bling battle pet from the Blingtron 4000's "gift package" a few days ago.  Man, I was happy!

I have paired it sometimes with my Tranquil Mechanical Yeti. The latter's weather effect which buffs the former's Make It Rain spell very nicely.

They work really well together.

All of Lil' Bling's abilities are mechanical, except when he throws a gift, which of course is magical!
Check out Wowhead's Interactive Battle Pet Map and WarcraftPets' Tools for more battle pet information!
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Watching your podcast on battle pet taming is what got me really into battle pets early on.

Blizzard has made them even better, with nice touches added like allowing the player and his pets to be visible to nearby observers instead of just making them vanish.

You can actually spectate other players PvE pet battles which looks pretty neat.  Came across a few when I was out questing.

The weather effects, which are of course from yon high on down, really look excellent from seen from that perspective.
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Maybe the FBI should commission a good music video song about the latest malware threat,  #ransomware and publish it on their home page and YouTube as a PSA.

There are already several darned good songwriting, singing, acting/performers that I have seen on YouTube who have already tackled social issues in a very light-hearted but unforgettable, convincing, effective way that brought about positive change of behavior/policy/understanding in the real world.

Folk-music is a tradition in our country and it has helped solve a ton of social & systemic ills

Folk-music got the turn-around going.  It saved people from dying.  It saved the nation from some seriously wasteful spending on harmful endeavors that went on too long.

Why shouldn't it be leveraged to solve some prevalent computing ills as well? Wouldn't the 21st century be a good time to start solving computer problems that are big, very real, and we are not close to having a handle on?

Why should the Web only be used to spread malware and questionable ads and not fight that same malware in proven, successful, social media ways that have very controllable risk and an upside that would just astonishingly devastate crooks with minimizable collateral damage to everyone else.

Granted, almost anything done can be done poorly — as the status quo demonstrates.

However, I think this could be done well and in a way that pleases everybody.  Well, everybody except for certain anonymous, mendacious parties who shall apparently remain nameless by their own accord.

The ditty should be:
- humorous
- memorable
- enjoyable
- light-hearted
- clearly enunciated so as to be understandable
- accompanied by music which does not drown out the words but rather enhances them and the key things of the message
- increases awareness of the problem
- identifies  a viable action to take which connects to a well supported non-commercial nationwide movement that is not a trade group or a commercial interest
- elucidates how the criminal operation works so as to make the general population as familiar with it as they are about things like: protection rackets, false advertising, money laundering, wire fraud, etc.
- encourages people to share with their neighbors and friends directly their experiences/concerns so they can think of things together that they might do to help themselves and each other in the face of these attacks
- doesn't denigrate victims but rather makes the attack seem foolish and paints the attackers in a suitably poor light without going way overboard
- has memorable lyrics and music that sticks in people's heads and can be easily sung by people in the criminal's targeted demographic age range (old enough to go to the store and buy at least one kind of prepaid cash card with cash obtained from somewhere in the house and read the crook's text)

You think this thing is going to die down on its own?
I don't.

It has all the earmarks of a growing, self-fueling problem: self-funding can fuel expansion, uses payment methods that are well entrenched but hard to police before the fact or remediate after the fact, reluctance on the part of commercial entities to acknowledge/advertise the problem without minimizing it, and involves one or more subindustries with a poor track record of characterizing the present or describing the future accurately.

If this thing is going to play out for a long time and cost a lot of money then I think people more solution-seeking than those responsible for the problem should control a reasonable jot of music & message to accompany the problem.

Let me offer an explanation, then make an analogy of why this is an appropriate technique — and TV commercials, print ads in The Wall Street Journal, UN/ITU campaigns, and a corporate-driven computer company solution are not the answer.

That's not where the problem is being suffered!  Here is the analogy.  When rats started hitchhiking to the new world on ships which along with their harbors/ports offered rats both a terrific environment to feed & breed in — as well as transit to The New World — those on ships were smart enough to put cats on the ships too.

Today, we have rats in our cities in The New World, the Old World, and the Third World. But we also have cats too.  Rats exist but not unopposed and unlimited. We don't just rely on government programs or corporate spending to eliminate them.

We, as a society of people & industries, rely on sensible friends who lick their lips at the sight of rats.  We changed our environment by cultivating, amassing, and concentrating our grains and such in big warehouses, our homes, and our shipping ports.

We instigated the enormously high population or rats.  House cats and humans co-befriended each other, and became more accommodating to one another to the detriment of rapidly exploding rat populations. Cats succeeded because the people in places where the problem existed put them in play, and took care of them between mice menu meals.  It was a beautiful solution.

Catching the crooks will not be a solution by itself.  There will always be more to replace them.  They will breed successors like rats do, though in a different fashion which is even more facile and farther-reaching.

So aside from catching them in the act, we need to name that act and tell its story before this crime gets the chance to introduce itself to someone and con/pressure them into doing something that is not in their — or societies' — interest.  It is our venue; not the criminals'.

In the long and short run, we need to stop the crime.  _That_ stops the criminals.  Imagine fighting rats if most people didn't know they existed, rarely or never saw them, reacted to them superstitiously; thinking of them as demigods, demons, or well-deserved divine retribution.  You can't go tactical on them if you think of them in such a way that is so disparate from reality.

They're pests with finite capabilities, low-latency capability to replicate/hide, some social communication capability to at least share alarm and possibly food/resource location info while making partially inaudible mating calls.  Sound familiar?  Yes, very familiar!

Quick answers, sharp snubs, and "just take this pill/product and forget about it" are not what we need.

We need something that will sink in and give people the idea over time of how to respond — even invent better ways to respond; not how to pass the buck or "address" the problem in a reactionary way that is ineffective.

To do that, we need to first get the people on the Internet to face the stage and hear what is going on.  I can think of a lot of situations where musicians improvised on stage to diffuse a situation.  I think folk artists do this in a broader sense for a lot more people than just the folks in that one building that single time.  Mull that over some.

The problem is here, on the Web.  The problem is World Wide.  We should solve it in America, erstwhile "The New World" before the Internet.  Every country should solve the problem in their community as well.  This is a way people here and across the world have solved big problems that did not solve themselves for hundreds of years.

Cats like the one below can help shore up weaknesses in our system, lending us capabilities that frankly the rats have inborn in them but seem less inborn in most of the rest of us because we have different qualities mostly.

They create memes that are quick, effective, and green solutions. No poisons, arms race, or other deleterious knock-on effects required.  History, recent and ancient, says that is good.
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