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Lucky Strikers Social Media Club

Real Estate BarCamp New York gets another great sponsor.

 +Richard Silver is so great and a long time supporter of this event. Thanks Richard!!!

 #REBCNY #ICNY   #AgentReboot  

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Very good time tonight!
GTT Replay

From tonight's show. Check out +Alex Camelio  +Eric Proulx +Mike Mueller  +Ken Cook +Joe Spake +Joe Sheehan +Joseph Drasin  and myself talk about social media and it's development/evolution. I think we had some good insights as to where is has gone over the past 7 or so years and where it will be going. 

We also talked about RE BarCamp at length about where it started and where it is now. What will be the future of  #REBC? Watch this video for some insights.

#GTT   #GuysTalkingTech  

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North Shore Staten Island home inspection with cameras along for the ride.

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84% of Real Estate Professionals use social media. That's big.
According to a recent study: More than 84% of all Real Estate professionals use social media, with ‪#‎Facebook‬ being their preferred website!

‪#‎Infographic‬ ‪#‎RealEstate‬

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Our "Most Relevant" Circle visualized! #LSSMC  

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Social Media isn't  a career? Shocking.....
20 Things 20 Year Olds Don't Get

We were all that age at some point. All we can do is help them along.

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If you could get your hands on a #3dPrinter , what would you print? 
What Will 3D Printing Mean to Business?

I've been saying most of this since day one.  I've even joked that we will become a "do-over" society since you won't ever have to get anything right the first few times. I can't stress this enough, 3D PRINTING IS A HUGE DEAL. Don't kid yourselves. It will be commonplace in the next 5 years. 

When you are able to print your own medicine, replacement parts, and small trinkets you are going to look back and have one of those "how did we make popcorn before microwaves" moments. 

#3DPrinting   #ThisIsReal  

H/T to +Barry Mennen for the original share on this.

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What do you think about #GoogleGlass
Google Glass was finally released to explorers this week in NYC.  Now is when it will catch like wildfire in the most pedestrian city in America. 

God help us all.

#GoogleGlass   #Glass   #GlassExplorers  

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Inspirational thought for the day: Don't Complain, You Probably Have it Better Than You Think

#WordsToLiveBy  #Inspiration #Perspective
Things can always be worse

The world's longest GIF. It's pretty good though. :-)
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A lesson in Social Customer Service?
Cloud Backup Done Right

Backed up 200 gigs in the last 9 days with #CrashPlan. In contrast, I've backed up 5 gigs the last three weeks with +Carbonite.

CrashPlan has a very active FB page and Twitter account but no G+ page.  

Carbonite has all three but very little activity on any of them. 

Conclusion: Carbonite's product will get better if they do better social. Why? Because CrashPlan's people are in tune with what the customer wants and responds to their needs.  My theory is that this product is made better by soliciting their user base for ideas. It seems to be working since this product is head and shoulders better than Carbonite's.

#OnlineBackup #OffsiteBackup   #CloudStorage  
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