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Megan Criss
SEO Specialist & Business Owner in Wilmington NC
SEO Specialist & Business Owner in Wilmington NC

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Looking forward to seeing author Tim O'Brien tonight discuss his book The Things They Carried as part of The Big Read program.

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Reading Inspiration from +NPR 

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Will be missing my friends this weekend!  Enjoy!
Friday, 03/06/2009
Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA

Set I: Fluffhead, Divided Sky, Chalk Dust Torture > Sample in a Jar, Stash, I Didn't Know, The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg, Farmhouse, NICU, Horn > Rift, Train Song, Water in the Sky, The Squirming Coil, David Bowie

Set II: Backwards Down the Number Line[1] > Tweezer -> Taste, Possum, Theme From the Bottom, First Tube > Harry Hood, Waste > You Enjoy Myself[2]

Encore: Grind, Bouncing Around the Room, Loving Cup

[1] Phish debut.
[2] Restarted.

Notes: Phish’s first public performance since Coventry on August 15, 2004 started with Fluffhead, a song not played since prior to the first hiatus on September 29, 2000 (70 shows). Also of note, several large, white balloons were hung in a circle around the coliseum, lit up by an additional central lighting rig; the balloons (save for a few casualties) would remain for the entire run. Trey Introduced Fishman as “Dad” during I Didn’t Know. Train Song was not played since May 23, 2000  (111 shows) and Grind was not played since December 30, 1998 (181 shows). During Bouncing, some of the balloons were dripped into the crowd. This show featured the Phish debut of Backwards Down the Number Line. YEM featured a false start possibly as a nod to the January 3, 2003 restarted version.

Setlist & Notes

Excited to be part of the +Google Partners program with +ILM Marketing.   Now to take the certification exam...

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Great tips for email marketing optimization.  Thanks +Website Magazine!
No company can afford to let its email marketing get sloppy. Discover 10 habits of highly effective email marketers @

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Getting ideas and inspiration from this post: Focus, process & systems, reporting, pricing, contracts - thank you +Mike Ramsey :)

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I had printed up the previous version +Moz created a few years back and referred to it often. I love the additions to this one, especially the "Important Metadata" section.
We are excited to release a brand new version of the Web Developer's Cheat Sheet! Don't miss this one!

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Love summer reading!  From this list, I can definitely recommend Beautiful Ruins.  A few others are already on my +Goodreads to-read list.

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