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Bad Hair Day
When your 3-year-old daughter tells you she
really wants her long hair cut off to her shoulders, DON’T DO IT. Just get a trim! She’s only 3 years old, she doesn’t know
what she’s saying. She’ll walk out of the hairdresser, sucking her
complimentary lollypop...

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Parenting the second time around: have I really learnt anything?
When I had my first child, I had no idea
what I was doing. I lived in a state of shock, madly reading baby books,
attempting impossibly strict routines and making lots of mistakes. And I felt
guilty 99% of the time about everything I did or didn’t do. You w...

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A Joke? I think not!
Have you ever received a text that is meant
for someone else? You know, when the sender presses one wrong digit and you end
up with a message that has no meaning at all. I recently got one over the holidays. The
sender said that they were heading down from ...

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A New Year - looking through rose coloured reading glasses
A new year and I just found out I need
reading glasses. Well, when I say ‘just found out’, I've known in my heart
of hearts for about a year but have been pretending that printing on packaging
has just got smaller and lighting generally more moody. So there...

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Halloween Horror
Halloween is well and truly over. And I’m
relieved. Not because it means the end of costume planning, trick or treating
and overly excited children, hyped up on too much sugar. All that part of it
was quite fun. I know it’s not really our tradition here in ...

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Dreaming of a Car Park
When you start obsessing about getting a car park outside your house, you know it’s time to get a life. One with off-street parking. It wasn’t that long ago we lived in the inner city suburb of Potts Point, in a one bedroom flat with no lift, a newborn and ...

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The Not-So-Seasoned Traveller
We just had a week on Hamilton Island.  For the three people that read my blog, you will know that the last time we went, it
was fairly disastrous with fever, tonsillitis and babies falling off steps. We
spent more time at the island’s medical centre than t...

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A Mid Week Moment of Joy... and then business as usual
I sincerely hope this Wednesday night pans
out better than the last. This time a week ago I was heading into a
sudden and spontaneous night of blissful alone time, a rare occurrence these
days. My husband had to go to a work function and
the girls were asle...

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I Was Funny Once!!!
The other day I, casually and quite
confidently, asked my six-year-old if she thought I was funny. ‘No Mum you’re not funny,’ she said. ‘Dad’s
funny.’ When she saw my crestfallen face she added,
‘Well Dad’s the funniest and you’re the second funniest.’ Grea...
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