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Chris Stivers
Software Developer and Entrepreneur
Software Developer and Entrepreneur

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If I had the resources, I would create my own cloud server company called cubed. All configurations have the same value for #cpu, #GB ram, #GB disc.

1-cubed: 1 cpu, 1GB ram, 1GB disc
10-cubed: 10 cpu, 10GB ram, 10GB disc.

Maybe someone will pick up on this idea and do it. Because I currently need about 3x10^3.

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Trying to record all my thoughts in writing. It is kinda difficult. Wish there was someone who I can explain everything to, and they can articulate my thoughts in writing.

Interesting. Does goog buy moto mob mean goog is not satisfied with their android partners and want to build their own phone? I assume yes. Maybe they want to go the Apple route and own the whole stack.

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A pretty good summary of Java features not in Scala. There are alot more differences, but this probably gives Java devs a good view into Scala.

Is the g+ iPhone app intentionally shitty, or is it just the one on my phone? Refreshing freezes the app for sometime (until data transfer completes?). It is worse when switch sections/screens. Also, why can't I get to posts from individual circles easily?

I wish g+ had better text formatting options. If they are going to let us write essays here, they should give us more formatting options.

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Thanks +Tom Anderson for this one.
For the first time, I have no comment. Lol

w00t! now you can post photos from you iphone to google+ using the iphone app. I can't wait until I can play FarmCityPokerGagaVille on Google+ so I can spend all my free time here.

Seeing FB vanity URLs in product commercials remind me of when the same products used to promote their AOL address. Just sayin'
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