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Don't understand how something so visual can be mistaken 😳 but trey.songz773 is fake as well as TreySongzSkype. Pls be safe outchea
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how do we know you are not the fake one
if u were on twitter u would understand his tweets post on here all the time 
Well, +Trey Songz , if YOU would stop making the girls "ouchea" so damn crazy then these things wouldn't happen!  I'm kidding, but how long before the fault of these things fall on Trey. Its like whenever the chance to have any kind of interaction with him appears, bytches go dumb. And yes I said 'bytches' because women DO call each other that.wink But unlike some celebs (whom shall remain nameless), at least Trey is letting yall know IT IS NOT HIM you're talking to. So just in case someone decides to pull that "blame it on the artist" crap, remember 1st that everyone has a brain, its on you how to use it. Can I get a "yuuup"! lol
People posing as trey just to get girls (or girls to get other girls o.O) is stupid and should be expected. A lot of people want to be trey songs, it's fun to pretend isn't 
Can y'all leave my cousin Trey alone please?
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