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I love people that do what they say they're gon do...
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me to, don't just talk to be talking--be for real and follow threw!!
sure Trey! a man is a man when he lives up to his words and promises.
right! a real damn person sticks to what they say and don't go back on their word
who dont because thats the only way you can trust them
I feel ya on that also ,, ill love it when i can find people that will just do what they say they will.. thats something hard to acquire these days
people don't do that for me i feel sad when people don't do that for me
you not Trey songz you fake bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!
not trey songz cause i met him and i know his reaction!!!!!!!!
Congrata Jessica u want à high five for that?
trey where can I send you my beats??
Trey you couldn't have said it any better
sam doman u r a mean person and u do not make sense because i wasn't talking to u so u should not be talking to me thats right i wasn't talking to u so u shouldn't be talking to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and FYI I dont know you so you shouldn't be talking to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Foreal! Its like a breath of fresh air!
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