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Howard Lewis Ship
Creator of Apache Tapestry
Creator of Apache Tapestry

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Seeking a New Clojure Engagment
My long-running Clojure project at Aviso is ramping down now and I'm on the hunt for a new engagement ... preferably in Clojure. I'm really thankful to Aviso for giving me the opportunity to spin up my real-world Clojure (and ClojureScript!) skills over the...

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Postgres, JDBC, Time Zones
I've been banging my head against the wall, trying to get things to work correctly with JDBC and PostgreSQL ... ah, time zones, every programmer's nemesis. Does this seem familiar? Parse "1984-03-02" to a date, say #inst "1984-03-02T00:00:00.000-00:00" Inse...

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core.async article on Medium
I've just started writing on, here's my first article, about a clever design I came up with involving core.async. Better Abstractions With core.async .

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Subtle nicety on defrecord
I just stumbled on a rather nice feature of defrecord that I've missed in the past; perhaps you have as well? I've been using Stuart Sierra's component library to manage startup of the server I'm building. A big part of component is the use of records. You...

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Google Docs Thinks You Offiline? Work around their bug!
... and so suddenly, and without warning, Google Docs stopped responding for me. My spreadsheet (my invoice spreadsheet without which I can't get paid) would load and then immediately tell me "You are offline" (there's an icon for that). After trying all th...

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Gradle: overruling third-party dependencies
We all hate dependency hell, and on any Java project of any size, you'll hit it eventually. My project, for Aviso , is a large Clojure code base, with tons of dependencies on third-party libraries, many of which are Java libraries with their own third-party...

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Tapestry Quicky: ConditionalComment
Here's a quicky I just put together for a client to generate IE conditional comments . This isn't a feature supported by Tapestry's JavaScriptSupport (for libraries; it is support for CSS files). Fortunately, this is something that comes together in Tapest...

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Improving Clojure Feedback : Stack Traces
Perhaps no subject in software development is as important to me as feedback , which to my mind, is the language, library, or framework providing information back to the developer when things go wrong. A language, library, or framework that provides poor fe...

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Gainesville in February 2014
I'll be spending about three weeks in Gainesville, Florida this coming February (2014). For the wife and kids, its about visiting the grandparents, hiking, fishing, and playing. For me, its mostly about work, sigh . In any case, I'm told that Gainesville h...
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