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It's funny how people talk about AAA gaming like it’s the only thing that can save gaming. If you go back far enough people, there was no so called AAA games, just popular games and others not so successful, but we gamers bought the games that grew the games industry that we have today. So moving forward with VR, it’s the people (gamers) that will just buy what they fancy or what they enjoy playing. I think this, when the tech is affordable, will grow the industry and not the necessity of a AAA game.

I would love to have a fat PC and the funds to purchase what I know is going to be an expensive HMD (HTC Vive) but most likely scenario is I would probably go for a mid range solution like what sony is proposing to bridge the gap until the piggy bank is full and the second generation of HMDs are around e.g maybe HTC vive 2.
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