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Acupuncture Access, LLC
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Acupuncture Access, LLC

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Community acupuncture
915 Elmwood Avenue, Evanston, IL 60202
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Acupuncture Access, LLC

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915 Elmwood Avenue, Evanston, IL 60202
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915 Elmwood Ave Evanston, IL 60202
915 Elmwood AvenueUSIllinoisEvanston60202
Acupuncture ClinicToday 3:00 – 7:00 pm
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If you are seeking gentle effective solutions for relieving stress, maintaining health, and recovering from illness, and a healing partnership that inspires you to reach your highest level of health, you've come to the right place!

Acupuncture Access, LLC is a well respected, word of mouth community healing center that excels at helping people solve health problems and provides a comfortable healing sanctuary where you can enjoy relaxing to rejuvinate your body, mind, and spirit.

Established by Acupuncturist Bonny Rhoads in 2008, Acupuncture Access, LLC offers high quality acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and deep tissue massage services at affordable rates.  Group acupuncture and private session acupuncture are both available.
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"However I have never felt pain like this before from acupuncture!"
"Another acupuncturist actually referred me to her!"
"The environment is quiet, calming and overall great place to go and unwind."
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Bill Anders
a year ago
I have been a client for over six years and I've never failed to be impressed by my experiences there. Bonny Rhoads The Owner/Practitioner is a competent, caring and knowledgeable acupuncturist and has never failed to produce positive results for me. I have wide ranging osteo-arthritis and it's my opinion that Bonny was key to my being able to continue to work for the last three years before my retirement and eventual knee replacement and recuperation. Before the surgery my knee had a bone-on-bone situation and twice a week treatments at Acupuncture Access allowed me to continue the demanding work of Plumbing without heavy reliance on painkillers to do so. I continue to go twice a week since my retirement for overall pain control for my remaining arthritic conditions and due to her great treatment I'm able to continue to garden, exercise and all the other physical activities I desire to do. I doubt you will find a more reasonably priced practitioner which is a great plus to those of us on Medicare and fixed incomes.
• • •
Takara Emerson's profile photo
Takara Emerson
a year ago
In 1995, I was diagnosed with Systemic Scleroderma and began doing whatever I could to heal. Within a couple years, I realized that conventional medicine left me in more pain than I already felt, so I began to take healing into my own hands. By doing yoga, tai chi, eating well, and living as stress-free a life as possible, I began to make significant changes in my health. In 2011, however, I decided that I needed some help as the Scleroderma in my esophagus was becoming aggressive. I was unable to swallow solid food and sometimes not even liquids. I knew that the conventional treatment doctors would provide would be temporary and also likely more damaging to my health long term. At this point, I began seeing Bonny. I was first drawn to her clinic because the Scleroderma had left me in a situation where work was very challenging, and I had very little money coming in. Bonny offers community acupuncture, which allowed me to begin treatments regularly. Quickly I began to see results. First, there was a renewed sense of hope and my anxiety overall began decreasing. Then, through continual treatments and Chinese herbs, my esophagus began to have more movement and feel less dry and constricted. I took a few months off in 2012, during which I was able to maintain much of the work that we had done, but then in early 2013, one of my fingers that had been plagued with infections many years ago due to Raynauds became infected severely. A doctor I showed it to was very concerned and urged me to get back into conventional therapy immediately. I took his antibiotics, and the infection cleared, and then I went back to Bonny. We continued the work we had done with my esophagus and also began working on my fingers and hands. I must admit, as those who suffer from Raynauds must understand, the idea of sticking needles into my already throbbing fingers seemed like the last thing I wanted to do. But, knowing the work we had already done, I trusted Bonny, and I quickly found that even if the needles hurt a bit initially, the relief I felt in my hands and arms during the treatment and afterward was well worth it! Now I tell her, "Go for it! I know the little pain now means good for me later." We are just now finishing the coldest winter the Midwest has ever seen in history with temperatures reaching 40 below on several days. Surprisingly, however, my fingers have been completely fine this winter. In fact, if anything, my hands warm up more quickly now after being in the cold than they have 'ever' done--even before having Raynauds. The color is fresh pink, and I can move my fingers better than ever. Through Bonny's work, even one finger that has been severely misshapen for many years because of the Scleroderma is now straightening out and is able to function better than it has since its first infection in 1996, such as being able to carry the weight of bags and apply pressure when opening jars and bottles. We are still working on my esophagus as well. When I first began acupuncture with her, she would place needles in various parts of my esophagus. Lately, however, we've cut back there some, yet the movement, flexibility, and moisture of the esophagus continues. As well, I am now experimenting with solid foods again, and to my own surprise, I have been able to swallow small amounts of well-chewed food, and I have been planning with Bonny which foods I am going to try next. My personal goal is to have a full Chinese dinner soon! Obviously from the healing I have experienced, I highly recommend acupuncture and Bonny to anyone who deals with chronic pain, especially those who suffer from Scleroderma. Truly, this has saved my fingers, allowed me to put on weight, and even begin eating solids foods again.
• • •
Jane Lionberger
11 months ago
I have had a very positive experience with Bonnie. The space is lovely and restful and so is her manner. She has been very responsive to my needs and creative in trying to help me with my heel spur which has improved and with the cramps in my legs which have disappeared.
Jeanne Leigh's profile photo
Jeanne Leigh
a year ago
Bonny is pleasant and has a nice inviting, comfortable facility. However I have never felt pain like this before from acupuncture! This is my third time with acupuncture, the first two times at different locations with different practitioners, i experienced a little discomfort with the needles(just don't like the idea of them being in me) however I never experienced any pain with the needles, or any fear of returning. I was there on a Monday evening, Bonny inserted needles along the back of both my legs to treat my plantar fasciatis which was aggravated that day from 2 hrs of jogging that morning. When she got to the bottom of my left foot area, i almost cried in pain. That last needle was excruciating! She told me that it was normal to feel some pain there as it was a sensitive area of the foot, she instructed me to breathe in as she stuck it in again. I figured she knew what she was talking about so i tried to be tough and clenched my teeth and bore the pain. But i told her that was the last needle, no more! she was planning on putting another one in my right foot as both feet suffered from plantar fasciatis, i just could not bear another needle in me, i felt like a voo doo doll with needles in me. When i left her studio, i could barely walk, my plantar fasciatis had not improved, and now i had a new pain, the spot where the last needle went in was still throbbing....and 3 days later, still is. I was afraid to go back! I thought it was just me, that i was a wimp, but then i spoke with a friend who has acupuncture with regularity and she stated that it is not normal to feel pain from acupuncture and definitely not ongoing pain. I finally called and spoke to Bonny who kept saying that i needed to apply pain relief ointment and take antiinflammatory pills, as well as purchase a heel brace to wear to sleep. I told her that in the last 3 days, i have not exercised and as usually happens, my plantar fasciatis is not bothering me in either foot. However i shared with her this new throbbing pain in my left foot from where the last puncture was placed. She repeated again and again that i needed to apply pain relief ointment and take antiinflammatory pills, as well as purchase a heel brace to wear to sleep...even when i tried to explain that my plantar fasciatis was not bothering me as usual, it comes and goes depending on my level of activity. Frankly, i don't see how wearing a heel brace is going to take away the throbbing pain from where the needle was placed... I was afraid to return to her, i did not want to be treated like a voo doo doll. I asked for a refund as i could not return even though my groupon stated that i was to have two visits...her response is that she would have to call me back.
• • •
Tina Isperduli
a year ago
I had lost my sense of smell for the last 8 months and most likely it has been building to this for years. I had visited an ear, nose and throat specialist to see what could be done. I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and after 3 doses (21 days each) of antibiotic and 2 doses of steroids nothing helped and could not smell. I was told to schedule surgery so they could clear my sinuses. A friend told me to try acupuncture and told me to go to see Bonnie since she was going. I have been going now for 7 weeks and I can smell again. It's not 100% yet but I am so happy to get the results that I have. I am committed to the process and know that it will be a 100% with time. I am very impressed with the results. Bonnie is great, she listens to what you need and is committed to the best treatment for you. The environment is quiet, calming and overall great place to go and unwind. Would recommend to anyone!
• • •
Alan Gallivan's profile photo
Alan Gallivan
2 years ago
Bonny is an excellent provider. Another acupuncturist actually referred me to her! I am glad for it. Bonny shows great sensitivity with acupunctures, appropriate care and advising, explaining approaches of Chinese medicine and therapy in an understandable way. She is also flexible with scheduling and personal preferences, while remaining clear with her expectations for me as her client. Furthermore, the access she provides to such a diverse community is rewarding for all involved. Finally, I feel improvements in energy balance and in more readily getting proper rest, invaluable to my health and quality of life. Excellent!
• • •
brigid finucane's profile photo
brigid finucane
a year ago
I'm sold. Acupuncture and Acupuncture Access gets an A+! I injured my foot almost a year ago in mid-October 2012. I couldn't walk even half a block without limping. It took months before a fracture was diagnosed. As an early childhood music and movement teacher, this was devasating. Once the fracture was diagnosed, I suffered through 2 months of wearing a rigid support boot, then physical therapy (blessed are all physical therapists), but still had problems with an inflamed tendon due to the initial injury - and nothing seemed to make it better. In August, I decided to try acupuncture. I saw a Groupon for a provider nearby in Evanston, and decided to purchase it. It was, in some ways, an act of deperation. I had never had acupuncture before, and was not sure of what to expect - or if it would even work. When I got to Acupuncture Access, I was immediately impressed with Bonny Rhoads, the accupuncturist, and with the quiet serentiy of the establishment - an open room, in which a number of comfortable chairs and ottomons are placed. Large plants act as dividing wall, and a shoji screen partitions off another area which is used for massage and private consultations. The space is very welcoming. Several people can be attended efficienlty at the same time with the way things are set up, and clients do not intrude upon each other in any way. Back to the treatments. Bonny listened carefully and asked clear and pointed questions before treatment. I had filled out medical history forms before coming which were easily downloaded from her site, and she consulted this as well. I watched the needles being inserted, and she answered all my questions immediately. I drifted off to sleep for an hour or so, aided by the music playing softly in the background (her setlist has substance, something to be appreciated!), and woke up to find Bonny ready to take out the needles. Some relief had definitely occurred, and additional improvement took place over the next few days. I made additional appointments, and Bonny really checked up on what was happening with my body. She suggested Chinese herbs to support the healing, and I was happily surprised at the results. Progress was steady - it was not overnight, but improvement was marked. After months of pain, and getting nowhere, I was amazed and grateful at the progress that was made in two months time. In addition, the numbness and prickliness in my foot from an old back injury subsided significantly - something my primary physician said I just had to learn to live with. Along with the herbs, Bonny recommended strenghthening exercises which were complementary to the exercises I was still doing from physical therapy. As an aside, I went to a sports medicine doctor for a checkup through my HMO (I had made the appt. months before), and the doctor me to continue on with acupuncture. How great is that?! I wish I had known about acupuncture and its benefits earlier - and acted upon this knowledge. I have been happily encouraging everyone to go to Bonny and give acupuncture a try! She's the real deal - an advocate and partner in effective health care. Thanks to her, I'm dancing again, and am able to teach without pain. Fantastic!
• • •
Laura Krivickas Cannon
3 years ago
I have been seeing Bonny since January, and I have been extremely pleased with my results so far. I am really seeing progress with my symptoms, which I hadn't experienced with traditional Western medicine. The clinic has a warm, relaxed, and inviting feeling to it, and the community setting creates an energizing environment for acupuncture. Bonny is extremely thoughtful, thorough, and warm during my weekly visits, and she always takes the time to answer any questions that I might have and discuss my concerns. I would definitely recommend Bonny to anybody who is seeking effective acupuncture at an affordable price!
• • •