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After researching the 8 types of leadership theories the one that closely matches my leadership style would be the behavioral theory.  I agree with this theory leaders are not born a leader, one becomes a leader through observing other leaders and teaching.   This type of teaching theory focuses on information that needs to be learned for future knowledge.  As an educator this is what I do.  The skills I teach are usually broken down into pieces.  For example, teaching phonics in lower grades.  I would not try to teach all sounds at once.  I begin with one specific concept.  The behavioral theory says that it is best to break the lesson down into smaller sections.  The theory states that we should check student's work frequently and offer feedback along with praise.   It also states that one should teach "out of context."   I feel that it is important for instruction to often take the material out of the context such as relating the material to a real life situation so that the students can have a better understanding of the concept.  My teaching is mainly teacher centered using teaching skills like lectures, tutorials, drills, demonstrations.  This theory best describes me.
This style benefits my students.  In order to maintain a positive atmosphere in the classroom my students need a teacher who is focused on the success of the students.   I believe that this leadership style focuses more a teacher centered classroom environment.  Teaching at a high poverty school my students need this.
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