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Whoo hoo!
Experience a Better Cloud- DiskStation Manager 5.1 now official! 
Learn more:
Release Notes:

Share the news and enter to win the unreleased DS1815+! Winner will be randomly chosen on 11/17, good luck.

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This is freaking hysterical. Well done!

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It's so squishy!

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Check out this video on YouTube: soooo good

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It lives! 

I'm having trouble with this step of the downloading the repo tool. Download the Repo tool and ensure that it is executable:
$ curl > ~/bin/repo

When I use this command, all Ubuntu 12 comes back with is "this is a folder" and doesn't do anything else. Anyone know what I'm missing here?

Post has attachment This looks pretty good.

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Well ladies and gentlemen, I have completed my first run at the EIT exam. Here's hoping for good results in a couple weeks.
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