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So now Facebook has Trending topics like Google+. For a service "no one" seems to be using, Facebook sure is stealing alot of features from Google. #tiredofacebook

I'm intrigued by what Google will offer with #GDrive , but I'm going to stick with #Dropbox for now until it's hashed out more and I can see how it works from an Offline standpoint and with others that may not have a free account.

Tough to migrate from such a great service to a new offering when the original is so good for my workflow and needs.

Digging the new Google Layout. I think the transition to this as my new go-to is gonna happen in May.

So I've got an idea for helping Google+. Let's start tagging our Facebook friends on any/all posts (related to them of course) and start annoying them to try and join. I mean if Café World can annoy people to play those stupid games, we should be able to annoy our actual friends to join a much better setup.

Who's with me?!

Bruce is out in DC. Roof is in at home. Work's flowing in and out nicely. Sweet Monday and it's not even noon.

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Trying my hand at some design work... man it feels like it's been so long!

Curious how these company pages mix in with the limited friends up on here.... but have a good vibe about it.

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It's a start. I'll be happier when all of Flash is deadsy.

Is it Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas? I can't tell from the weather this past weekend, and the snow on the ground.
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