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Owner, Social Engagementz, LLC
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I saw a prezi a few months back and I've lost track of it. I'd like to use it in a demonstration of Prezi. The prezi is a timeline of history. It starts as a line on a dark background depicting a typical lifespan then zooms out to show various points of time in the history of mankind. Kindly post the link for me if you can. My searches are coming up empty - too many timelines in the Prezi database. If you've seen it, help me remember more so that I might be able to refine my search. Many thanks.

This will make you laugh out loud -- I was reading a research article by Ronald A. Berk, PhD, about Best Practices for PowerPoint when I found the quote below. I thought my fellow Prezi fans would enjoy this. It proves that people are sick and tired of PowerPoint.

"Death by PowerPoint is an international epidemic with too much text and boring graphics topping the list of frustrating and uninspired features. That was the major conclusion from a June 2011 survey of the U.S. adult population (3.2% error) by IBOPE Zogby International (Allen, 2011). Can you relate to those findings? PowerPoint
 ranks as one of the most dreaded presentation platforms, with respondents claiming they would rather forego sex tonight (24%), do their taxes (21%), go to the dentist (20%), or work on Saturday (18%) than have a close encounter of the PowerPoint kind."

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Is Pinterest a part of your Social Media Strategy? The truth is that it is an effective marketing vehicle. The Myth of Pinterest is busted in my latest blog post. 

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Throw away your Magic Lantern slides and use #Prezi instead

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What's your favorite Prezi shortcut?
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