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great trip out to malahide today :)

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Epic show from Red Bull Racing!
Here's how we spent some of our summer!

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Just shared my first ever video to Youtube. Decided it may be fun to show the fruits of my thousands of hours now spent playing video games... :-o

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When you're deep into searching a particular topic, Google can help you search more efficiently by filtering the pages that you have and have not visited.  For example, if you search [best point and shoot cameras] and want to see only pages that you haven't visited yet, select "Not yet visited" on the left side under "Show Search Tools."  Similarly, if you want to see the pages that you have visited, choose "Visited pages" and you'll instantly have a list of every page you've visited so far related to your search term.  This feature is only available if you're signed into your Google account.


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crazy. Go .DE!
Half Of Germany running on Solar power!!!

When is America going to get its head out of the sand and get with the program? Solar is cheap and feasible now, there is no reason we can't surpass what Germany is doing. Is there any coincidence Germany is one of the only thriving economies on the planet? it's called getting out of the oil economy. Oh yeah, we're too busy worrying about homosexuality and abortion, who's got time for real issues?

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TEAM GB Hitting G+!

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This is a cool little experiment - take part guys :)
A Google+ Experiment in Collective Intelligence

UPDATE: Comment limit exceeded on this post. Please go to post 3:—————————————————————
Please help me run an experiment to test whether the "wisdom of crowds" actually works here on Google+ and see if this community can collectively guess the number of (generic-brand) "Cheerios" in the below glass vase.

The three conditions for a group to be collectively intelligent are diversity, independence, and decentralization. Here are the two steps to run this experiment:

1) Without looking at others' responses (to ensure the independence of our guesses), comment below with your single best guess on how many Cheerios are in the vase. It's one vase, not two; just shown from two different perspectives. Only one guess per person, please.

2) Share this post with your circles to help increase the diversity and decentralization of our guesses.

More info:

Individually, the probability of your guessing the right number of Cheerios is really low, of course. But if there truly is wisdom in a crowd, then when the answers of a large number of people are averaged together, it should converge on the right answer. That's the theory, and that's what we're testing here.

I will let this experiment run until 8PM GMT on April 18. At that point, I'll go through each comment, everywhere it's been shared, plus it to mark that it's been recorded as I input its guess into a spreadsheet. I'll calculate the average and look for some other results and then share our collective guess with you in a follow up post to report on just how wise we are - collectively. To make sure you get it, I will post a comment on every place this post is shared, pointing back to these results.

The ten people with the closest guesses will be featured prominently in that follow up post and I'll also highlight the people who shared the post in which those top ten guesses occurred as a way to recognize at least some of you for helping to ensure the diversity and decentralization of our guesses.

Thanks in advance for your help. I can't wait to see the results and share them with you.

Again, the three conditions for a group to be collectively intelligent are diversity, independence, and decentralization. If you're interested in learning more, here's James Surowiecki's "The Wisdom of Crowds" book on Amazon:

And here's the Wikipedia article on "Wisdom of Crowds":

Edited to note that these are, indeed, not actual "Cheerios" - but a generic brand. Please count the number of "cheerio-like" pieces of cereal. ;-)

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Awesome Google Search features for the advanced searcher :)

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So true, but hilarious :D
Trickle-Down Economics

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