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Dana Brunetti
Producer / President Trigger Street Productions
Producer / President Trigger Street Productions

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OK Google+, you blew it. I'm done with you.

All the weird names adding me on Google+ are making me very suspicious of Google+. It's turning out not to be what I had thought it would be :(

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Google+ is open to all now, so why do I still have 91 invites?

If posters on the internet had their way, nothing in technology would ever change. People HATE change even when it's for the better. Forest through the trees type stuff.

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Whoa, Jessica just scored the legendary comic writer Marv Wolfman for today's ComiCast! LIVE NOW!
Any fan of comics should know the name Marv Wolfman. An American award winning writer, Marv Wolfman created Blade for Marvel, co-created Tim Drake/Robin for DC, a long withstanding author of the New Teen Titans and gave us Crisis on Infinite Earths. Today, he’s here to talk briefly about his career in the comics industry with the big two and what we have been anticipating forever: GAMES, a new graphic novel!

Pizza, beer, and an hour long premiere episode of COPS! #SaturdayNight

Love seeing my projects in airport book stores, especially side by side like this

American Airlines boards military with First Class. Very cool of them. All should. 
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