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Artiste of all Trades
Artiste of all Trades


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The Pimp, a short story
Not at all my normal sort of thing, this sort of popped out of me this afternoon. Certainly liable to further editing, down the line. The Pimp Stephen Brooke ©2017 I never intended to be a pimp. It was
my sister who wondered Who will protect me and How else...

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Cozy Mysteries
The ‘cozy mystery’ might be
considered a sub-genre within the broad crime/mystery category of
fiction. It is typically low on graphic violence and sex, the main
protagonist is usually an amateur detective of some sort — often
with some odd interest that pla...

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A Quest! A Quest! (a poem)
A Quest! A Quest! Name me a task, set me on the way to my Holy Grail— Through the night-dark forest to
journey, across the broad sea to sail, and over the sky-kissed mountains to
pass, where the lost winds wail. Name me a quest, set me a task— one you know ...

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House Plans and World Building
world-building needs be a part of any fiction effort, whatever the
genre. It is not just for fantasy and science fiction! I took as much
care laying out my fictitious Florida town of Cully Beach as I did in
creating the world of the Mora or of Donz...

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Coming NOVEMBER FIRST, the new poetry collection from Stephen Brooke, and the first book to carry our new imprint, Eggshell Boats. Poems of journey, many with a nautical theme. More info to come!

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An Unexpected Direction
Not so long ago I posted a fantasy
short story (in various drafts), ‘The Book, the Beast, and the
Burglar,’ online. A few days ago I was looking at it and realized I
had been inconsistent on a detail on the demon (the ‘beast’ of
the title) that plays a majo...

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Indent, Intent
The first paragraph of a novel chapter
— should it be indented as other paragraphs or not? This is a
question more for book designers than authors, but should be of
interest to the latter. Moreover, some of us hold both jobs. Some ‘experts’ will claim it sh...

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Cully Beach and an Imaginary Florida
Cully Beach, the
setting of the novels ‘Shaper’ and ‘Waves’ is completely
fictitious. It is based on a number of towns along the Atlantic coast
of northern (more or less) Florida. It is to be admitted that Flagler
Beach is the most similar to this invented ...

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Raccoon, Rabid, a poem
Raccoon, Rabid Thin, staggering along the center line of the blacktop — it would not last much longer. Should I have swerved and ended it instead of slowing and then driving by? When summer’s heat drives other creatures into the shadows I and the raccoon ar...

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The Time for Times
Times New Roman —
almost all of us have it on our computers and almost all of us use
it, at least occasionally. Obviously, it is a pretty well designed
type face and has held up, but it has its drawbacks and misuses as
well. Times was designed for newspaper...
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