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Hilda Yaila
I'm a Nigerian growing my hair and proving to the world that Black hair can grow.
I'm a Nigerian growing my hair and proving to the world that Black hair can grow.

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5 Things I Love About My Big Chop + Hair Update
Hi ladies. How was your weekend? Can you believe we're slowly coming to the end of this month. I feel like this year will be faster than last year and I'm ready to run at its speed. I hope you are too!! Don't give up on that dream or goal...believe you can ...

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Big Chop - Natural Not By Choice
Hello ladies. Long time no post! I'm sure you've guessed from the title of this post that I've cut my hair. Before you all go oooh and ahhhh and ask why and what happened let me start by saying my big chop was not by choice. That being said, let me tell you...

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Goodmorning ladies. How was your weekend? Mine was fulfilling and I feel ontop of the world at the moment. let me explain. I've had interest in hair styling for a while but I'd been unable to find someone to teach me until last weekend where I att...

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Happy New Year Everyone!!!!
Hellooooo Ladies. Happy New Year! Welcome to this beautiful and glorious year - 2017. I know I've been in hiding but I'm out now and back to blogging. There's just one major reason why I've been away for so long but I'll write about it in another post. Let ...

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Washday - Back to Wigging
Hi ladies. I'm back with another post! In my last Henna post  I said how I'll go back to my wig regimen after taking out my crochet braids. Well, I'm back to wigging and even though I loved the crochet braids I missed my hair. For this washday I kept things...

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Blog + Hair Update
Hi ladies. How have you been? I'm sure we've noticed the changes in the blog especially the colour and design. I've been trying to up my blog design game and I haven't quite seen a theme/design I like yet. After much research and phone calls back and forth ...

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Henna!!! 3rd time's a charm?
Goodmorning ladies. How was your weekend? It's been wet lately so the nights are colder and cozier. I love the rains mostly because I get to sleep extra (I don't joke with my!). The only disadvantage is that I have to find a way to balance my pr...

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Protective Style - Yet Another Crochet Braids
Hi ladies. Yeah I know; I've been Mia and I'm sorry. Work has gotten the better part of me the past 2 weeks. But I'm back now and I have a few posts which I will put up as time goes by. So I installed another crochet braids and I'm loving this one. I've bee...

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Protective Style - Diy Closure Wig
Hi ladies. How have you been? I've finally stopped being lazy and I'm putting up a post of my second diy wig. Read about the last one here . I made both wigs at the same time but for some lazy and silly reason I never got to post it till now. I used the sam...

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My Second Henna Application + Curlformers Set
Hi ladies. Long time no post. How have you all been doing? I planned and organised my friend's bridal shower 2 weekends ago and I must say been an events planner is truly fulfilling. There is nothing like living your dreams and following your passion becaus...
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