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Reprocessed Saturn from earlier this week...
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Wow, that is a spectacular image of the ringed planet.
Beautiful. Makes me wish the t-ring for my camera hadn't broken on the night I was going to film the two planets (Mars and Saturn)
What gear are you using? Looks like a pier mounted C11... But obviously can't tell what camera etc
OK, well now I'm even more jealous :) Mind you, I kinda need a portable scope, so a C14 probably doesn't fit the bill there :)
+Stuart Forman im using AutoStakkert, Astraimage, and IRIS to process the images. I was actually taking the time to refigure out my processing routine. I have one step left which is to use what +Ahmet KALE told me to work on the edge artifacts. Im really good at capturing the data, but im terrible at the processing. The shots I post look really good with some experienced processing.
+Mitchell Duke Strikethrough was the text that displayed - with the line through it. I have NO idea why it did that.
That is an awesome image! Very well done. I'm grinding an 8 Inch mirror f10 this comming summer dedicated to planetary
Imaging only.
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