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Naturpunkt by Gina M.
Nature is my keynote in life, photography enlightens it
Nature is my keynote in life, photography enlightens it
Naturpunkt by Gina M.'s posts

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Stones In Life - A picture Story with Life Thoughts This one of my videos is a photographic picture poetry with thoughts about Life pictures taken at the River (West Austria, Vorarlberg)
to the river
I meet
Living stones.
Among people
I see most of them
Having turned into
Lifeless fossiles.
(©by Gina Matt)

#stonesaturday #earthpatternsaturday (sharp) + unsharpsaturday
#stones #life #poetry #naturpunkt

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I felt myself moving between two worlds Have a pleasant time, see you soon!
Sky Photography ~ An Emotional Journey HD1080

#skyphotography #weather #summer #mood #Austria #naturpunkt


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There are indeed other possibilities for curing, stop this slaughter!!! The elephant skin is dried, powdered and mixed with coconut oil to make an ointment said to help against skin conditions and digestive problems. It is also made into jewelry, such as beaded bracelets selling for less than $100. The criminal business is internationally organized and the authorities turn a blind eye.
THANK YOU +Cheer Nature friends for sharing and spreading #awareness #elephant #slaughter for #business has to #STOP
#sign #petition #Myanmar 

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Our ancestors are totally essential to our every waking moment, although most of us don't even have the faintest idea about their lives, their trials, their hardships or challenges. ~ Annie Lennox
For #joinindaily hosted by +Johnny Wills, today's theme "Memories"

#naturpunkt #collection #awareness


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Faun - Das Tor lyrics:

Und wenn die Nacht am tiefsten ist
wann werden wir uns dann sehen?
lachen, und lachen, und lachen dabei
wann werden wir uns dann sehen?

und dann wird sein eine Wiese
mit bunten Blumen
ich werde dir eine Blume geben
und du mir eine

Und dann werden wir laufen
laufen durch das Tor
durch das Tor in den ewigen Tag
in den ewigen Tag

Ich werde dir meine Hand geben
und du mir deine
die Nacht, die Nacht, sie wird nicht mehr sein
nur eine Wiese mit Blumen

Und dann werden wir laufen ...

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Hello Monday! Starting the week with a capture of Marigold Tagetes patula flowers, a popular garden plant with bright, vivid colors. ๑ ✿ڪے Yes, they're commonly called French marigolds, but Tagetes patula is actually native to Mexico and Central America.

In the 16th century, their seeds were first transported to Europe by Portuguese explorers. Eventually, the flowers became popular in France—and just about everywhere else, too, including French territories.
Tagetes, is derived from the Etruscan god Tages, who is said to have sprung in all his glory from freshly plowed soil. Patula, French marigold's species name, means "spreading" (National Gardening Association), which is particularly apt, in more ways than one.

Info: from dengarden com (gardening, french marigolds arent french)

+//flower colors// by +angelic labru #flowercolors

#MoodyMonday #moodymondayphoto #MoodyMondayPhotography #MoodsOfMonday #MyMoodyMonday +Moody Monday Curated by +Moody Monday
#AllthingsRed +AllThingsRed by +Liz C

#headsupmonday +HeadsUpMondays curated by +russ vallelunga

#MacroAddict +***** by +Sandrine Berjonneau +Didier Caron
#dailydepthoffield +Daily Depth Of Field curated by +Vince Ong +Nuraini Ghaifullah and +f.a. fiebig
#naturemonday #DOFMonday #naturpunkt #flowerphotography #naturephotography #vivid #colors #gardens #Austria


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It may be that this way to show heart may be somewhat unusual. On a longer walk, I met this figure and somehow, she wanted to convey something to me. At home, then, I saw the serious and sad face appearing and at closer look, 3 ´♥´♥´♥ . Often the obvious is not important, but what we do not recognize at first glance.
(Capture of rusty transit-truck mixer)

#RustySunday +RustySunday by +Gary Posner

#SentimentalSunday +Sentimental Sunday Theme by +Louisa Catharine Forsyth

#naturpunkt #inspirationalphotography #awareness #nature #objects #whatever

#MoodyMonday #moodymondayphoto #MoodyMondayPhotography #MoodsOfMonday #MyMoodyMonday +Moody Monday Curated by +Moody Monday


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All alone in the danger zone
are you ready to take my hand?
all alone in the flame of doubt
are we going to lose it all?

I could never leave you and the city lights
I could never beat the storm in your eyes
the storm in your bright eyes

Great song by the Belgian singer Ellie Delvaux 

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