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S Sinha
Indian by nature, American by default. Med Student. Foodie. Wannabe artist/photographer/dancer/adventurer...
Indian by nature, American by default. Med Student. Foodie. Wannabe artist/photographer/dancer/adventurer...

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Goal Setting in 2017 - Free Download included.
You've had a month to set, try, and break your resolutions. Ready for some real goal-setting now? I used to set these too-vague, too-ambitious goals like "lose weight", "eat healthy", "blog more", blah, blah. In 2012 I even started  blogging about my resolu...

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Feel Good Friday 1 - 10/28/16
There's a lot of negativity in the world. News is almost synonymous with bad, frightening, or wrong now. This election cycle has, in particular, dredged up some of the worst in our world. I want to the take the time, every Friday, to share a few moments of ...

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#fingerscrossed cause I can't get enough from Charming Charlies! 

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Karma in Practice
I'm taking "you get what you give" to heart this year. Having already resolved to " be more conscientious " in 2015, I'm adding some goals, admittedly  stolen from  inspired by Kelsey Gryniewicz's post " 15 Ways to Start 2015 with Kindness ". I'm not going ...

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2015 Resolutions
There’s something reassuring about having an outline
of a plan for the coming year. Putting my resolutions on the web helps keep me
more accountable ( barring 2014 ) and gives me the satisfaction of checking
things off into the “Done List”. I've  yo-yo'ed b...

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2014 in Reflection
2014 was a blur. I say this every year, but really 2014 flew by so fast 2013 memories blended in a bit. It's been a year of learning, growth, and good moments, very few of which had to do with my resolutions. I'm okay with that because I burst beyond my Jar...

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Where has 2014 gone!?
Resolutions for 2014 1.       Strengthen
myself educationally and career-wise 2.       Cook
more – there’s mom’s collection of recipes to learn, plus so many recipe books
that are just lying in the basement, collecting dust. 3.       Tap
into my creative si...

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2013 in Reflection
2013 in Reflection 2013 whizzed by so fast, I'm still dizzy! Overall, it was a good year. I participated in two research conferences, interned in a PR position (so that's one off my career experience "bucket list"), got a job, and graduated from UAlbany. If...

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(Belated) Happy New Year! - 2014 Resolutions
This year is flying by even faster than the last. 2014 has been so cold, it's taken me a couple of months to thaw into things. It hasn't been quite the clean slate start that I like to have at the beginning of a year; the dust and faint marks of 2013 are st...
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