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Jarrett Hottman
I play drums in Before Their Eyes! :)
I play drums in Before Their Eyes! :)

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Finally an iPhone app for Google + :) excited!

bed time! :)

Hey everybody im selling my drumset that i used in the "life was all a dream" video!! If you are at all interested and would like to know the price or any other details please direct message me on here! :D Thanks guys trying to sell quickly!!

So excited to be playing warped coming up with my band +Before Their Eyes & +Nick Moore & +Jordan DiSorbo i hope you all will check my band out if you dont know who we are!! :D much LOVE!!

Whats up everybody!! how is everyone enjoying google+ i likey :)

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From a member of my favorite band of all time!! Blink 182!! :)
Google+ is the guy at the party who bursts into the room and says, "DUDE!! THERE'S AN EPIC RAGER HAPPENING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN!! RIGHT NOW! LET'S GO!!" Then he runs out of the room, and everybody's looking around at one other like, "Is he for real? Should we cruise over and check it out?..."

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what tom said! So cool he is so supportive of G+
Photo sharing--I just had to post this one. Photo sharing makes me an Angry Bird. haha :) I'd like to share albums of photos, because, well... there's a lot of fun photos & beautiful photos to share. But I'm not going to share any large group of photos anymore, because it causes too much noise for the people that have circled me. And it seems really wonky the way this works on G+. In fact, it's hard for me to imagine this is really what the G+ designers intended. It almost seems like a bug.

When you share an album here, and people begin to comment on the individual photos, your shared post is multiplied into posts for every single photo in the album. Click on my name and look at my profile. You'll see I shared an album, and there's a set of photo shares as well for every photo in my album. Eventually I turned off the comments on these photos so it wouldn't go to the top of everyone's stream all night. If I tried to delete the post that's created on my stream, then I'd wipe out everyone's comments. Presumably people were having fun talking about the photo, so I don't want to do that. The only thing you can do to stop this right now, is to share an album and disable comments. Total bummer.

I saw this happen to Felicia Day and she was freaking out trying to stop it. She apologized in her comments, but I don't think she even knew how to delete the post / the album / or turn off the comments... So I know I'm not the only one who finds it jarring.

Anyway in summary, It seems like people should be able to post comments on your photos, without it creating a "post" on your stream. +Natalie Villalobos +Bradley Horowitz +Vic Gundotra I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. I've posted this concern in various low-profile ways, but haven't heard anyone at G+'s take on it.

Oh yah and I bought an Angry Bird backpack clip today. Woo :)



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