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Question for Android wear ghostracer users who run in paired mode: do you ever have an issues with Ghostracer recordings?

I am 4 days out from my first half marathon and still need to confirm my configuration. I was hoping to run without my phone in an armband but my dream of running with my SW3 and Bluebuds X Bluetooth earbuds may have come to an end tonight. I have been testing music on Bluebuds X with Ghostracer, in standalone mode, for close to a month now and things were going well until the last two recordings. Sunday's 11 mile run was completely lost. Yesterday, I did a 4.2 mile run where only 2.99 miles was recorded on GPS yet the time kept going. Luckily after Sunday's run, I ran Micoach on my phone in parallel on my phone.

So I am debating the following:
1. Running the half with my phone on an armband running Micoach connected to my Bluetooth ear buds. The SW3 would just be a fancy media controller. Well, I should test out Strava so at least I can use my watch for checking the pace (Micoach doesn't have any Android Wear support).
2. Running the half with Ghostracer in paired mode to use the phone's GPS. Bluetooth ear buds would be paired to phone for music and SW3 could still control the media player.

I'm a little hesitant to do #2 because I've been testing in GR standby mode the whole time. I am okay with dropping back to wearing my phone on an armband, as I previously have, but now it may rain!

I really want to ensure my first BK Half gets recorded correctly and I was also really hoping to have my setup decided by now so I don't have to mess with anything on race day.

Any feedback and suggestion is greatly appreciated! 

Great job +Craig Jarratt ! Thanks for your hard work.  What is Ghostracer premium and can you purchase if you are in the beta?  I would like to pass you a few bucks for filling a need for Sony Smartwatch 3 owners.  GR is such a better interface than the other tracker apps that can use the watch GPS.  

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This video is amazing, and totally trolled me.

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Interesting read about efficiency of quick service restaurants like Cheesecake Factory. I begrudgingly admit, I thought the food was just "OK" because I thought everything was pre-made and processed. Apparently, that's not the case. 

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I didn't realize until now that the new Mac Pro is cylindrical, and then i immediately thought of r2d2, normal right? | steeznkramer's picture from #Instagram. @Instagram @StarWars #MacPro2013 #MacPro #Apple #R2D2 #StarWars

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"Your Google Drive is not ready yet" :(

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Greatest legal defense of all time! Completely agree that it becomes harder to defend that something is "singular" in design the more minimalistic (or lack of distinct and unique) qualities it has. Apple and their stupid patents...

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Thursday RAGBRAI, first town stop is Brooklyn (also known as flag town usa)
Brooklyn, Iowa
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Carmageddon race: Bicycle vs. JetBlue across LA - Life
Keep tabs on the race on twitter by the #flightvsbike hashtag. Good thing i'm not flying out to l.a. again until next Thursday.
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