Gondolas for Austin's public transportation is a quirky idea, but Austin is a weird place and it would fit right in.  I hope this idea takes hold and someday we can ride the skies.  When you drill in to the details, it really starts to make sense.
Real cities have great public transportation for moving people in and out of the areas efficiently, but what happens when you have a city that is desperate to grow up, but doesn't have the pedestrian population density to justify the cost of a subway system?  

You get creative

Frog Design has released some interesting renderings for a possible Gondola transportation system.  Yes.  You heard that correctly.  *Gondolas*.  Those fun things you ride at the amusement parks, zoos, or ride up the mountain so you can joyfully ski back down.

Personally I think this is a quirky Austinesque solution to a growing issue in the city.  The city's highways were not built for this many people, and the population is exploding here, so we have to do something.  Anyone who has tried to drive north or southbound on either of the major highways (1 & 35) know that we're way past capacity.  

Looking at the design of these, I like where this is headed and see similar systems being put up in smaller cities in particularly congested areas.  

more info:

Disclaimer: I overlaid the proposed map of stops on top of a Google Map, but this is not perfect scale.  The northernmost point Wells Branch. Southernmost is Slaughter I believe, but I cannot be sure.
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