There are a lot of free shows and parties during South by Southwest. But most times you have to be on the guest list to get in.But one Austin business is making money by making it easier for you to join the fun.

It’s no secret that once SXSW gets to town it’s easy to feel like you have too many options with over a thousand different events and parties going on. So two years ago Jennifer Sinski got an idea on how to cut down on the confusion. “In 2011, I realized there was a need for people to find SXSW unofficial parties in one place, without all the hassle,” said Sinski.

She and her friend Miles Dahmann created the site . They individually go through the hundreds of SXSW events and RSVP party-goers to them all for $30 to $40. “In the first year we had about 300 people and I was completely overwhelmed,” said Sinski.

This year they’re expecting over 3,000 people to register. And it’s a lot of work for the company that only has 10 employees, but somehow they say they manage to get it all done. “We really want to uphold our promise to our customers,” said Dahmann. “It’s all about making sure they enjoy themselves here in Austin.” closes registration on March 3.
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