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Puneet Batish Advocate
Advocate at Punjab & Haryana High Court & Sessions Court, Founder & Author - Geek Upd8
Advocate at Punjab & Haryana High Court & Sessions Court, Founder & Author - Geek Upd8

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Startup Launch Checklist: 22 Steps to Success
Are you planning for a business, but can't figure out how to go with it ? Well, you are not alone. There are millions of people around the globe, who actually have numerous ideas in their brain, but when comes to implementation of ideas, they are unable to ...

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How Software Helps Companies Stay on Schedule with Contracts
Many companies today stay in business almost entirely because of their ability to procure and execute contracts. Most people know about the big, notorious contractors that work closely with the military. Boeing, Northrup Grumman and others have made a killi...

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Concerns Of The Modern IT Director
The world of corporate IT has changed so much that many companies have only an IT director, but no actual networking equipment of their own. Cloud computing has allowed a lot of companies to get rid of cumbersome and expensive networking equipment, and repl...

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Partnering with Professional Designers to Create Your Building
Today Earth is inhabited by 7.5 Billion human beings. It's obvious humans need to travel from one place to another. And this is making motor companies to make more and more automobiles, to make them available to each individual and obviously to make profits...

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Wife left the house of her husband because he suspected her character - Wife entitled to maintenance
  GeekUpd8 Doc Id # 707639 ALLAHABAD HIGH COURT Before:- Amar Singh Chauhan, J. Criminal Revision No. 3550 of 2010. D/d. 22.11.2016. Smt. Surbhi Agrawal @ Sunita - Revisionist Versus State of U.P. and Anr. - Opposite Parties For the Revisionist :- R.K. Vais...

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Are You Falling Prey To These Dangers Of The Internet Age?
It's pretty unlikely that there's anyone on earth who would deny that the internet has been an incredibly positive force for human beings as a whole. Literally today if you would imagine yourself without internet, you will feel that you are almost crippled ...

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The Ultimate Glossary of Online Marketing Terms
Have you ever been confused by the plethora of Online Marketing terms ? Have you ever been confused when you read Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO or Organic Results and Inorganic Results. If not i'm sure you won't be aware of TOFU, MOFU and BOFU. If i'm rig...

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How Modern Technology Is Changing Human Resource Management
The most vital aspect of your firm, aside from capital, is by far your employees. The human resourcing factor is something that applied incorrectly can spell disaster for you and your firm, and with good reason. A firm with a demotivated workforce, even if ...

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On Your Marks For The Sporting Revolution
Technology has revolutionized so much of our life. Work and office life is now a whole lot easier thanks to various devices and the Internet. It’s also a lot more convenient doing the housework compared to a century ago as we can now plug in appliances and ...

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15th August 1947 : The Hindustan Times Newspaper
India Independent : British Rule Ends Constituent Assembly Takes Over. Mountbatten's Appointment as Governor General Endorsed. Colorful Ceremony Marks Birth of Nation. Governors Sworn in As Free India is Born. New Star Rises in the East. Attlee's Greetings ...
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