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Est-ce les LG G3s (LG-d722) sont concernés par la MAJ vers Android 6 ?

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Chrome DevTools tricks
More Chrome dev tools niceness.

Don't you hate it when you're debugging, stepping through your own code and suddenly find yourself deep inside the code of jQuery or Backbone or whatever?

Never fear, Enable frameworks debugging support is here. It'll let you skip certain files when stepping through your code.

In Chrome canary, with Developer Tools experiments enabled (type about:flags in the omnibox), and Enable frameworks debugging support ticked in the Experiments section of the dev tools options, you'll see Skip stepping through sources with particular names in the General section. Type a regex for the files you want to exclude here. That's it!

If you don't know regular expressions, just do it like the screenshot. This pattern will exclude files starting with 'backbone'. For multiple files, separate them with a pipe |. So excluding two files would look like:


Then go and learn regular expressions.
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