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tax analysis and compliance software for the investment management community
tax analysis and compliance software for the investment management community

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George Michaels continues to keep the topic of tax-aware investing (TAI) alive and well. Wall Street Letter's commentary section features "Tax Aware Investing Technology," Mr. Michaels thoughts on how investors can now use computer algorithms to avoid the year-end crunch and perform tax-loss harvesting as well as other TAI techniques all year long to optimize after-tax returns.  #taxawareinvesting #taxlossharvesting #WSL

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Our Tax-Aware Investing webinar demonstrated how to work with the tax code to achieve favorable after-tax investment results. Read more in our blog. #taxawareinvesting  

Imagine the following scenario: A Taxpayer buys 100 shares of XYZ Corporation on May 5, 2015. XYZ produces a dividend whose ex-date is July 7, 2015. What would happen if the Taxpayer sells her shares of XYZ on July 10th, 2015? Would those dividends qualify for preferential tax treatment? If the dividends don't qualify, when will they qualify? When can those shares be disposed of so the taxpayer minimizes tax liabilities? Our November 18th webinar “Tax-Aware Investing” (10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET) will answer these and other questions about tax-sensitive investing. Read our blog. #taxawareinvesting #qualifieddividends  

Our "Tax-Aware Investing" webinar is coming up on Wednesday, November 18th. Learn more in our press release. #taxawareinvesting  

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Registration for our upcoming webinar, "Tax-Aware Investing,” has only been open for a few days but seats are filling up fast. This interest in learning how to optimize after-tax returns comes as no surprise to us. Based on survey results from our most recent webinar, “Wash Sales: A Closer Look,” our attendees -- tax practitioners and compliance officers at investment funds and their service providers -- clearly value tax-sensitive investing. Read more. #washsales #taxawareinvesting  

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The highly anticipated Democratic Presidential Debate is now history and Hillary Clinton clearly stated her position on a number of issues, including the need to better regulate Wall Street. You can learn more about Clinton's proposal to strengthen the Volcker rule and increase fines in the AP article, "Clinton plan seeks to crack down on Wall Street abuses."  

Come 2021, the #washsale rule will turn 100 years old. Longevity has not made it any easier to apply this rule to securities transactions and accurately compute taxable gains and losses. Why? Poorly-defined terminology included in #section1091, namely #substantiallyidentical securities and the increased use of some of the most complex financial instruments, including options and other derivatives.

To help demystify some of the complexity behind the wash sale rule and respond to feedback from past webinar attendees, on September 30th we re-presented #WashSales:ACloserLook, our in-depth webinar on section 1091. Read more in our blog.

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According to a ValueWalk article, total #hedgefund assets decreased 2.5% in August, bringing the industry’s total AUM to $3.053 trillion. Investors added an estimated $10.5 billion into the industry in August, while performance decreased AUM by an estimated $78.4 billion. #hedgefund  

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What do retail investors have that institutional investors want? Ready access to sophisticated software designed to help them increase their investment earnings. Thanks to the rise of the so-called “robo-advisors,” 35+ firms with $19+ billion in AUM, more and more mass affluent investors (with less than $1 million in capital) now have the power of #taxawareinvesting (TAI) technology and the promise of improved after-tax returns – all at their fingertips. Read more of George Michaels’ article, “The Power of Automated Tax-Aware Investing" featured in Markets Media.

#WashSales Webinar: Valuable Resource on Disallowed Losses
Robo advisors are breathing new life into a rather old tax deferral tactic – #taxlossharvesting (TLH). This form of tax sensitive investing involves selling securities at a loss to offset a capital gains tax liability, and robo advisor firms, in addition to low-cost, digital-based investment services, offer continuous TLH services to their retail clients. Institutional clients and the uber wealthy have been reaping the benefits of TLH for some time. Read more about TLH and the wash sale rule in our latest blog. #washsales #taxlossharvesting #TLH  
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