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#pescivory in spiders.
Fish-eating spiders inhabit every continent except Antarctica, according to a new study.
I missed the Hangout so this is a good substitute!
Here is the highlight reel of our #Ocean #Acidiication hangout with +Ocean Conservancy, +Ocean Science Trust, +Moose O'Donnell of California OST,  Hog Island Oyster Company, NOAA and more!
Allocate some ATP to reading about this. Don't TL;DR me, this research is precisely why using our brains is important.
#scienceeveryday #physiology #biochemicaladaptation
(and also cute sloth picture)
Human brains and muscles are weird, metabolically speaking.  In my New York Times column, I explore what this finding says about our evolution.
A study of metabolism among different species suggests that humans evolved to send more energy to our big prefrontal cortex and less to our muscles.

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just sayin'...
You don't really F@^king Love Science
You don't love science, you're looking at its butt when it walks by. That sums up my feelings on a lot of the IFLS type shares. I have a passion for science and science outreach. +Nic Hammond jokingly asked on his share of the Cyanide and Happiness cartoon, Do you even science, Bro?

Don't get me wrong, I'm pleased that people are interested in science. What I'm annoyed with is the flashy, hyped, hipster style science related posts. In this Twitter/SMS-speak world, where people's attention span is about 1 minute, not many people take the time to fully read any science posts. They plus the flashy image or hyped up title and that's it. A while ago I found an image that looked photoshopped so I started thinking about the physics of it and wrote a post about it. How many of the IFLS people shared the original image/post versus my version that discussed why it was probably photoshopped? If you really F@^king love science, did you try the experiment yourself? You only need a glass and water. I'm sorry if this comes across as jealousy or sour grapes. That's not my intention.

Photoshopped or Real: my vote is photoshopped

+Buddhini Samarasinghe has a great discussion going on, on her share of the Cyanide & Happiness cartoon with her own thoughts on the topic.

It takes a lot of work to do science and take the time to share it in layman's terms. It's also very rewarding when we get positive discussions. A lot of us, like Buddhini, +Rajini Rao +Allison Sekuler , +Carissa Braun , +Brian Koberlein etc work hard doing science and work equally hard sharing it on social media (that's not meant to be an exhaustive list by any stretch).

We are working on breaking out of the stereotype that scientist are boring, white lab coat wearing, nerds. There is nothing wrong with nerds. I'm just not a fan of the trying to be nerdy to be ironic and hip. Nerd Nite ( is actually a really cool idea. I'd love to expand Nerd Nite to Google Hangouts. If you are passionate about something, share it with all the gory details but let's skip some of the jargon.

Here's an old post about the scientist stereotype. 
Hey scientist, smile!

There is still work to do to get people really excited and involved with science. As a scientist, I have to look at my own evidence, and my science posts are dwarfed by my posts of drivel.
Science vs. drivel v2

So if you really F@^king Love Science, try doing some science. Try engaging with some scientists here. Better yet, tell your legislative representative to support science with more research funding.

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edit  h/t to +Brent Neal  for the second cartoon.
An exciting, and incredibly ambitious experiment. In fact I'm amazed that the Australian government went ahead with supporting and funding this project considering their current government policies towards fossil fuel extraction.
The FOCE experiments were pioneered by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, and are among the most impressive field experiments in ocean acidification.

#scienceeveryday #oceanacidification  

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Very interesting. The issue of meat consumption rate would seem to contradict some of the claims of paleodiet enthusiasts?
This region of the Pacific contains some of the most pristine coral reefs in the world.
At #OurOcean2014, an Island Nation banned commercial fishing in a Marine Protected Area the size of California.
Kiribati announces "very significant" step at U.S. Our Ocean conference.

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My respect for Arthur Chu just skyrocketed. He didn't need to write this, there has been great commentary from a variety of sources, but he did and the world is a little better for it. This gets to the entitlement issue, that #Yesallwomen encounter. 
Nerdy guys aren’t guaranteed to get laid by the hot chick as long as we work hard. There isn’t a team of writers or a studio audience pulling for us to triumph by getting the girl.

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This is a tragedy for Australian research. CSIRO is an international leader, especially with regards to Southern Hemisphere research. This will be the Abbott legacy - that that administration gutted one of the world's foremost government research agencies due to reactionary politics, selling out to fossil fuels and climate change denial.
So. Frustrating. Projected 500 science jobs lost. I feel like I might never work in science again.  
CSIRO will close research sites including a world-renowned laboratory in Victoria that performs crucial climate and atmospheric research following the federal government’s budget cuts.
Anyone who has spent time in
#IslaVista knows there is a lot of unhealthy behavior of many kinds that goes on there. But male privilege is deeply reflective of the current state of culture, of relationships between the genders and the permissive acceptance of misogyny in its many forms. It is unquestionably a mental illness to act on this kind of misogyny, but why isn't it also a mental illness to have those beliefs to begin with? Why have we not (as a society) yet pathologized misogyny the way we have racism?
I'm really not much in the mood to seek out happy awesome stories today. But instead of a 2000 word screed filled with rage and sadness, I'm going to at least highlight the folks out there trying to make the world better. Especially considering they will likely receive a crap-ton of hate and vileness directed at them by the people they're calling out. 

+ + +

Elliot Rodger and Men Who Hate Women:

“Alpha Male” Elliot Rodgers’ Retribution:

We need to talk about systemic male violence not the “work of a madman”:

UCSB Killer Elliot Rodger: "If I Can't Have You , Girls, I Will Destroy You.":
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Also thanks to +Tommy Leung for the initial re-share and his own heartfelt and incisive comments. I wish there were many, many more men like him (especially on the internet) setting an example, and taking a public stand against this problem.
An interview with Prof. Gretchen Hofmann at Yale's environmental newsletter e360
#scienceeveryday #oceanacidification #adaptation  
Examining How Marine Life Might Adapt to Acidified Oceans by Elizabeth Grossman.
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“I would say that a lot of marine biologists have tattoos and that probably goes along with them basically being the pirates of science,” Zimmer says with a chuckle. “A lot of drinking on voyages and making some radical decisions when they return to land contributes to that.”

Lol. Arrrr!
But who drinks more, marine biologists or those infamous geologists?? :-p
Inked Magazine has a story about Science Ink (which is now in paperback)
“I happened to notice a tattoo of DNA on the arm of a neuroscientist and it got me to wondering if scientists are the sort of people who have lots of tattoos,” Carl Zimmer—noted science writer and author of Science... [ read more ]
Prof. TBD Marine Science Hire
Not the professor of Chinese literature. 
Larval biologist