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Janae McGallicher
Music is my life but Jesus Christ is who I live for <3
Music is my life but Jesus Christ is who I live for <3

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22 DAYS!!!!!

Wow I really need to use G+ more...I'm slackin

Don't let it smack you in your swaggalackin mouth

Last nite was definitly one the best nites of my life! Thank you +Josh Olds +Solomon olds +Jacob Olds +Nathan Currin and +Derek Mount for putting on an absolutely AMAZING show!!!


SEPTEMBER 24TH. AWAKENING FEST. FAMILY FORCE 5. +Kalea Hoover +Solomon olds +Jacob Olds +Josh Olds +Nathan Currin +Derek Mount

I saw a guy at Walmart with a FF5 shirt on so of course I ran up and was like "Omg i looove your shirt!" expecting some huge response, but he just looked at me like I had 6 heads and awkwardly said thanks. Apparently he's not as avid of a fan as me. SOMEBODY obviously hasn't heard the new songs yet...

+Kalea Hoover Yo so idk wats going on but it wont let me get it says that it download the video thing but it wont let me go any further

So the only thing that would make my birthday better would be if +Solomon olds +Josh Olds +Jacob Olds +Derek Mount and +Nathan Currin would wish my happy birthday :)

Happy Birthday +Derek Mount :D I hope your day is craycray!!!
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