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I will be speaking at #UKOUG_TECH16 next week about Oracle Forms.
Session: "Oracle Forms: Out of the browser, into the cloud"

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A blog post about the +Contribute Group Oracle Forms seminar on 28 January.
While a lot of Oracle Forms customers are looking into upgrading to 12c and Webstart to run forms because browser are desupporting plugins, several other customers are looking for a solution for their applications running in a Javascript environment.

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Info on ‪#‎Oracle‬ Forms support.
Upgrade and you'll safe until 2023!

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I already posted this in a reply, but maybe there are more people interested in what was presented in the webinar by Michael Ferrante on monday.

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Blog post on #Oracle Forms, about the certifications and a new version.

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New blog post: Introduction to Websockets and JSON-P API in JEE7.

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Watch out when you use function result cache when this function uses data dictionary views!
A blog post by +Gert Poel.

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New blog post on accessing SSL encrypted websites from an Oracle database.

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Every year around 9/11 a question pops up: "Where were you when on 9/11(2001)?".
Well here's a story from a friend who lives in New York City...

I just looked at the ADF content at Oracle Open World... only 28 ADF sessions(filtered on Products and services: "Oracle Application Development Framework and Oracle Fusion Applications Development").  

Is it me or is this a low number for ADF?  (it looked much more last year)

None of mine were accepted, so I'm going to skip this years edition(after four years in a row).  I hope to attend again next year, hopefully with a lot more ADF content.
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