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Nathan Towle
Artist, novice programmer, and game-maker-person.
Artist, novice programmer, and game-maker-person.

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I don't understand when people complain about Linux's complexity. I've had to manually install more drivers in Windows 8 than on Ubuntu. : /

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Unfortunately, it looks like the +OUYA is determined to remain firmly entrenched in the past.

I would buy an +OUYA and develop for it right away, given the following modifications:
1) An account or internet connection should not be required until you participate in the Ouya store.
2) Credit card details shouldn't be required for account creation, shouldn't be automatically saved, and should be easily removable from your account.

None of these changes impede the user experience. They simply shift the timing of these actions to their natural, intuitive place.

This would be a win for the consumer, a PR win for #Ouya , and could set them apart from the competition at a time when people are sensitive to privacy issues and required connectivity. For those who don't want to worry about reentering data, logins can be remembered and payment information optionally retained, providing the desired convenience while addressing the concerns of some users.

I want to join your revolution, Ouya. Please remove these constraints so I, and others, can!

Linux will be the future of gaming the same way Android was the future of smartphones. It will be one piece of a larger system that may or may not look anything like existing models.

If we're lucky, it will be open and hackable. If we're not... Well, desktop Linux isn't going away.

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Pardon the plug, but my latest 3D print is available on Shapeways!

Tux, and Linux, ought to have a better showing in 3D printing.

I think I've changed my mind about mobile Ubuntu. If it provided an open, unlocked OS that was developer friendly, I'd buy an Ubuntu tablet in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, Apple and Google have failed to provide a mobile OS that captures the long-term possibilities of mobile hardware.

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Neat idea! Subscribe for a monthly sampling of selected art tools.

When you include shipping, I suspect this compares well with buying the supplies on your own.

There are talented people as Microsoft, but unfortunately it's not primarily a computer hardware, game, or software company. It's a selling-you-those-things company.

Their first job isn't to make a great product; it's to get you to pay for one.

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Another game engine seeks to support Linux! I think I'll give the trial a go later tonight. Lua/C++ are the languages I know best, which is terribly convenient right now.
10% funded in less than 24 hours.  Kickstarter made this a "staff pick".  Thank you, Linux community!
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