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Third Draft, where I begin the query process
After completing my first college
writing class, I felt mildly more confortable with what I was crafting. I had
made several revisions of the whole novel from line by line edits to overall
plot revising.   I was ready to do a round
of querying. For those of...

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Fourth Draft, where an editor tell it like it is
While I was waiting to
hear back from the agents I submitted to, I was still trying to be productive. At
this time I bounced around the idea of self-publishing. Thanks to Amazon the
publishing world seems to have tilted sideways. No longer is self-publishin...

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Fifth Draft, where I revise yet again after receiving agent's notes
receiving imput from the editor I realized I was not ready to self-publish. Not
only was my work not ready, I was not ready to give up my dreams of being
traditionally published.                 Shortly after receiving the
editor’s notes I...

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Sixth Draft, first place in the BOB contest
The only difference in this version is that in the second
paragraph I replaced Lan with she to avoid repetition. This is the version I
submitted to the American Night Writer’s beginning of the book contest.   The results were given at their writer’s

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Word Clouds
Last year I enrolled in ENG 329, 19 th Century British Fiction. Our professor, Shawna Ross required the class to make
a word cloud of all of the novels that were studied that semester.  I found the outcomes fascinating. You can
learn a lot about a novel by ...

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Finding your people, and the ANWA writer's conference.
Yep, I am alive. I know, I know. It's been over two months since I have posted. Life has been nuts with Christmas break and then starting back up with a new semester at ASU.  Though life is crazy it has also been really great.  During my time between semest...

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Five tips for a successful semester, or a crazy life
 The semester ended as it had begun, with a little rain.  My first semester at Arizona State University has ended, or at least for me. My professors are all in grading mode and I am anxiously waiting for my grades. This semester was SO not what I had expect...

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My Weekend As A Travel Writer
WARNING! This post is going to have a photo overload.  Life has been a bit nuts. When I started school this last semester I had no idea what I was in for. The non-stop craziness that is my day-to-day is a bit overwhelming. I have been working on a post wher...

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Yep, I'm going there. Let's talk about New Adult
Recently, in my writing circles we have been talking a lot about the new genre New Adult. Which isn't abnormal because it really is what many in the industry are talking about. So, what is it? Isn't that the million dollar question? I first heard the term a...
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