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Development and Innovation -Live Design Group Research - Autodesk -
Development and Innovation -Live Design Group Research - Autodesk -

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I co-organized a great AI event at Montreal in the Autodesk Montreal Office and I have invited friends to give a talk, here is the full video:

More info:

This first Autodesk Montreal Tech Talk is about AI! We are opening our minds on how to design with AI and explore its uses. This event was organized in collaboration with Deep Learning Montreal.

There were 4 presentations:

- AI-First Design: Why You Should Think AI-First. Presented by +Philippe Beaudoin, VP Research Group and Masha Krol, Experience Designer, ElementAI

- Future of Making Things: From AI for Design to AI for Making. Presented by +Mike Haley, Senior Director, Machine Intelligence, Autodesk

- Predicting What Comes Next with LSTM Recurrent Nets. Presented by +Andre Cianflone, Master of Computer Science, Concordia University

- A Deep Learning Well Kept Secret Revealed! Presented by +Claude Coulombe, Ph.D. candidate in cognitive sciences at TÉLUQ / UQAM.

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Can Active Memory Replace Attention?

Łukasz Kaiser, Samy Bengio

Several mechanisms to focus attention of a neural network on selected parts of its input or memory have been used successfully in deep learning models in recent years. Attention has improved image classification, image captioning, speech recognition, generative models, and learning algorithmic tasks, but it had probably the largest impact on neural machine translation.
Recently, similar improvements have been obtained using alternative mechanisms that do not focus on a single part of a memory but operate on all of it in parallel, in a uniform way. Such mechanism, which we call active memory, improved over attention in algorithmic tasks, image processing, and in generative modelling.

So far, however, active memory has not improved over attention for most natural language processing tasks, in particular for machine translation. We analyze this shortcoming in this paper and propose an extended model of active memory that matches existing attention models on neural machine translation and generalizes better to longer sentences. We investigate this model and explain why previous active memory models did not succeed. Finally, we discuss when active memory brings most benefits and where attention can be a better choice.

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Nous celebrerons avec HTML5 Mtl leurs 5 ans !
Il y aura des présentations sur WebVR et la 3D dans le web dans le beau Hall des bureaux d'Autodesk. L'inscription est sur ce lien (HTML5 Mtl).



we will celebrate with HTML5 MTL their 5 years anniversary.
We will have presentations on WebVR and 3D in the web in the beautiful lobby of Autodesk. Register on the following link (HTML5 Mtl).


Sacha & Benoît & Claude

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17-18 Nov : Chrome Developer Summit à/at Google Montréal, inscription ici /registration here !

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Fonctionnalités nouvelles et à venir dans HTML5 canvas (video encoding etc..)
English version follows  Bonjour à tous,  Ce meetup est donné conjointement avec HTML5 Montréal , inscription: Nous allons avoir un autre meetup très intéressant Lundi 26 O...

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#20 Lancer et grandir votre startup sur la Google Cloud Platform
English version follows - Bonjour à tous ! Nous espérons que vous passez un bel été.  Nous avons un événement spécial à vous proposer pour le 18 août. Nous avons l’opportunité de recevoir Jerome Mouton, co-fondateur / CTO de SnapEngage et organisateur du GD...

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#19 BBQ inter-communautaire­­ !! / Inter-community BBQ !!
IMPORTANT Vous devez également vous inscrire sur  Eventbrite  afin de pouvoir participer à cet événement.  Une liste de présence sera utilisée lors de l'événement. You must also register on  Eventbrite  in order to participate to this event.  There will be ...

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Microsoft Is Open Sourcing Visual Studio's Build Tool, MSBuild
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