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+Brian Davison Darragh's TAB: based on Novad's request to find out what happened to our little friend - Harry (and also his little friend) - he would keep an ear out for any rumors from any guards or others about what happened to the creatures around that subterranean structure.



We have learned so much new information from the Heenalu. They have been very open with us and willing to share so much. My memory is fuzzy here and there was so much to take in. Any others that were there- please correct any mistakes you see.

* The large floating platform/barge the Prince was riding looked very much like the platform the River tribe goblin chief was sitting on when we met with him. It is made of half-stone/half wood. The stone is white and chalky-looking much like soapstone, the wood is light in color and heavy grained. The two materials are joined in such a way as to maximize the surface area where each material is touching. So each is carved into a wave pattern. Also on the platform is a disc of the same materials - attached via some kind of membrane. To raise and lower the platform, the disk is either pressed further into the body of the platform or eased out of the body.

* The Heenalu shared a clay tablet with us that appears to show how to build one of these platforms- how to shape the stone and wood and what shapes and ratios of each is needed to make it work.

* The Five Islands that is their home land is found in the middle of the mountains to the North-Northwest from the tower. We came to 3 large mountains capped with snow. Down below above the valley formed by these peaks were the "Five Islands". Giant floating masses of that same soapstone we described, with a giant tree growing in the center and smaller trees of the same type dispersed all over the surface. Each "island" is as large as a village.

* it tooks us 3 days to travel to their home. making progress of about 48 miles per day. At the end of 2 of the days - we rested in the treetops on platforms built for this purpose by the Heenalu.

* In the center island, we were taken to King Ha-Keli, their King. He was very curious about the Empire. We shared stories about the way the Empire is run. They themselves didn't understand why non-religious magic was so tightly controlled and they had no concept of prison as we do. We told him honestly all that we knew and our opinions about the Empire itself.

* He spoke to us about his own people which led to a detailed history of our world. Back in time all the peoples were together - Humans and Dwarves - native to this world, and Elves- who came from a place 'Outside' along with another people- the Archictects - who also came from a place far outside and that is where they returned.

* The Architects left before the Great Destruction. And all the other races fled the old world. The Humans stopped at the Nalu island chain but the Elves and Dwarves continued further east. On the islands were many wars and volcanoes erupted - so some humans then left and went east to where the dwarves and elves went. All of the Nalu peoples stayed in the islands except the Heenalu who went back to old world. This did not please the islanders so the Heenalu agreed not to return to the islands.

* The Heenalu discovered the "Five Islands" floating between the mountains and found there a store of much of the knowledge of the Architects. It is stored on clay tablets that are enciphered. They have managed to unlock many of the secrets but not all of them. They say that these secrets all come from Stratus - the God of Wisdom and are to be shared for the benefit of all people. They are a gift to mankind. But I have no desire for the Empire to gain access to any of this - hence why this message is secret.

* They have granted us permission to use the tablet they gave us to learn to construct floating platforms. The materials - the trees that are the right type of wood and the stone are all found in the valley below the Five Islands. It is a dangerous place and they advised us to prepare well and go slowly in learning to use these skills. They say the knowledge to do these things is not easily gained - and we have to learn it for ourselves.

* They also gifted us with another tablet that they have not yet deciphered.

* They referred to the dwarves as the "Keepers of the Tablets" so apparently there are some dwarves who might have knowledge of these skills as well.

* They told us of Elves who became corrupted by the Goddess Trytia

* The also told us of Dragon and a race of dragon people in the lands and deserts to the far west.

* They shared with us a map that gives many details of the lands on this entire western part of the world.

* We also saw a mosaic depicting this world. It showed a disk surrounded on 4 sides by the elements of Air/Fire/Earth/Water. The disk looks like it coalesces out of the interaction of all of these elements.

That is all I remember. It was a lot to absorb.

Darragh, Paladin of Krytontos, Journeyman Brother.

8th of Merrybloom 2000

To the Council of Grognards,

The last few days have been very eventful for us. I, Darragh, brought back supplies with the Caravan from Rockport. Along with me came some new journeymen from the Guild: Lanza, a bard and Elzin, a monk. Both joined us on our expedition to continue exploration north of the Tower.

With the anticipated visit of the Heenalu looming, we didn't have much time for exploration, but Journeymen Amabel, Darragh, Elzin, Lanza, Manawa, and Thag all set out to the land immediately north of the Tower, passing the site where the dead of the battle of the Frozen River were buried. We explored carefully for a day without encountering anything remarkable and made camp. But on the return journey, we arrived at an odd clearing. Large clusters of bushes bearing berries were scattered throughout - but not apparently randomly. The withered husks/corpses of many creatures- bears, wolves, panthers, goblins lay all around. These looked very much like the remains we found in the lumber camp and spider's lair near Rockport- but oddly, we saw no webs.

As we carefully entered the clearing, 2 giant spiders phased into view around and attacked. We were frustrated by their ability to phase in and out before and after their attacks but finally managed to defeat them with no deaths- just a couple of party members wounded and weakened by their venom. We recovered some coins from the dead goblins and then finished our trek back to the Tower.

Back at the tower, the construction on the stable has begun and we decided to put it adjacent to the tower (but not adjoining) on the east side.

The morning after our return, as promised the Heenalu returned. 9 of them came. One of their number- Prince Peli-Leki - dressed in a cape of bright feathers and wearing a loincloth was riding on a large floating platform driven by one of his attendants. 4 came riding griffons and armed with lances and 3 others came riding in on their floating longboards. The Heenalu who first came to look for griffon eggs were among escorts - Efiti, Meera, Kiran, Ixtli, Tenoch, and Amar.

They brought us many gift baskets of berries, fruits, a curious gourd that was highly polished on the inside that can bear the heat of fire without burning- so it can be used to cook and is much lighter than our iron pots.

We had a meal with them and shared with them much about the empire and our races. The dwarves they have stories of and the elves. But the Warborn, halflings and gnomes were all new to them. They told us many stories about how they came to be here in this part of the world and its history.

We requested that we continue this trade and exchange and were told that any agreement would have to be approved by their ruler - the King of the Five Islands. We began preparations immediately to go and visit and they consented to carry us on the large floating platform. The journey to their homeland north by northwest to a mountainous area and even at the wondrous speed that their flying constructs and griffons go- it still took us 3 days.

We were met warmly by their King - Ka- Heli and continued swapping stories of our peoples. He agreed to establish trade relations and to continue to communicate together and help each other.

They brought us back again (another 3 day journey) to the Tower

From the goblin corpse after the slaying of the spiders:

Amabel, Darragh, Elzin, Lanza, Manawa, and Thag received the equivalent of:
6 g.p., 6 c.p.

Darragh buys an ale for any that will listen. So, didn't we get some treasure from the River tribe when we made friends with them and agreed to fight the Wolf tribe?

Any Errands?

From the 13th of Riverchase until the 27th, Darragh made 2 supply trips back and forth from the tower to Rockport.

Any errands anyone needed me to run or messages to deliver?

+Brian Davison Any messages or info to bring back from town to the folks at the tower? Any new initiates or others on these trips?

Downtime Opportunities?

So was wondering if there is the possibility of any downtime activities for characters?

In my case particularly since I am on a once a month (or sometimes less) in-person game session frequency. Mainly a chance to earn a little coin. Guild XP takes care of advancement.

I know this means more work for +Brian Davison but was curious what you thought.

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Any report from the last foray?
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