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What happens when an adventure addict marries a misadventure magnet
What happens when an adventure addict marries a misadventure magnet

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NEW VIDEO: Across Europe with an elf, in search of a bauble

Interrailing across Europe visiting 4 cities and 4 Christmas markets in 4 days may sound like madness,, but it's a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. Especially if you're on a mission to find that perfect bauble for your tree, but perhaps not with a mischievous elf in tow.

Get a glimpse of the attractions and distractions in the Christmas Markets of Berlin, Leipzig, Munich and Salzburg as Hannah tries to find that special something with the help of her personal elf shopper.

#christmasmarket #berlin #munich #leipzig #salzburg #familytravel #travel 

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NEW VIDEO: The Making of Krampus

The Krampus runs take place in Alpine towns of Bavarian Austria this week. Krampus is a mythical figure, a kind of opposite to St Nicholas. While jolly St Nick rewards kids for being good, Krampus takes a different tack, trying to scare kids into being good.

In the Krampus runs local people dress up in elaborate Krampus costumes and masks, and run through the town in search of naughty kids. It's an interesting behavioural management strategy!

While in Salzburg we spoke with Stefan Kroidl one of the local Krampus mask makers about the tradition and his work creating intricate, frightening looking wooden masks for the Krampus runners. I think I might get one for use at home... do you think I'd look good in it? 

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NEW VIDEO: Exploring Europe''s Most Beautiful Cave

Krizna Jama in Slovenia is said to be the most beautiful cave in Europe. It's not a show cave. There are no concrete walkways or illuminations. You explore on foot and by boat, crossing 13 lakes to reach the marvels of Cavalry. Check out this video for what is one of the most unusual and memorable adventures we've done together as a family. 

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NEW POST: Devilishly Good: Swiss Mountain Fun in Les Diablerets

Would you dance with the devil in the pale moonlight? 3000m up on a glacier? You can in +Les Diablerets. It is possible. It is practical. In fact it is to be recommended. If you are looking for devilishly good fun, then check out this post on our experiences in Les Diablerets and Glacier 3000 where there's no escaping the Little Devils. And I don't mean the kids!

#familytravel #switzerland

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NEW POST: 7 Ways to Enjoy Autumn in Barcelona

As summer draws to a close, thoughts turn to autumn and ideas for autumn travels. Our latest post suggests seven good reasons to add the Catalonian capital to your list and +Visit Barcelona. And if only one of them is football, can you guess what the others are?

#familytravel #travel #catalonia #barcelona

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NEW POST: Rekindle the Olympic Spirit in Lausanne

If you or your kids caught the Olympic bug from Rio2016 then I think we have the cure. A visit to the Olympic Capital. 'Where's that?' I hear you ask. Lausanne in Switzerland, by the beautiful Lac Léman.

This easy to get to, free to get around Swiss city is home to the IOC, dozens of international sporting bodies and The Olympic Museum. It's also got fine Swiss chocolate, beautiful vineyards and fun activities on and by the wonderful Lac Leman so something for everyone.

Check out this post for our tips on things to see and do to make your visit to Lausanne a family success, sporting or otherwise!

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NEW VIDEO: Mountain Bike Tour de Flaine

Flaine is more than a high mountain resort. It's a kind of living art installation, a resort built with purpose. Originally desiged as a winter resort, it's developed a summer offer too. We took a mountain bike tour of the resort to orient ourselves, learn some skills, find out what's on offer here in summer and see some of the unique artistic sights of Flaine​. Here's our Tour de Flaine, a mountain bike tour of Flaine in under three minutes, Do you like the look of it?

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NEW POST: Rock n Roll Mountain Adventures in Tirol

In the Austrian Tirol there's no escaping the mountains. So you might as well get up close and personal. We went to the Tirol and while in Mayrhofen, exploring the Zillertal area tried out three Rock 'n Roll mountain adventures: a canyon swing and some via Ferrata with Mountain Sports Zillertal, and electric mountain biking with Bikeguide Zillertal. Here's how we got on:

Have you tried any of these with your family? Would you like to?

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NEW VIDEO: Rock 'n Roll Canyon Swing

Would you jump 50m off a ledge down into a canyon? Would you let your kids? We did both in the Austrian Tirol to test out the Rock 'n Roll Canyon Swing near Mayrhofen in Zillertal.

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NEW VIDEO: Fired from a Water Cannon

The Human Cannon Ball is one of the more extreme activities on offer at Area 47 near Otztal in the Austran Tirol. The centre styles itself as the Ultimate Outdoor Playground and certainly offers some extreme activities in its water park and the surrounding countryside.

While visiting we tried out the human cannon ball. Wonder what it's like? Watch and see for yourself. Then leave a comment and tell us if you'd like a go.

#LiveTirol +AREA 47 - Tirol 
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