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TIL "Doper" is Dutch for "baptist".

This was in Amsterdam, so "the Church of St. John the Doper" made me do a double take.
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David Yonge-Mallo

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Does an event still count as an "act of God" for insurance purposes if it was brought about as an answer to prayer? If what he claims is really true, he should be held financially responsible for the damage.
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David Yonge-Mallo

» Religious Buffoonery  - 
Summary: Film portrayal of fictional event offends people who subscribe to a different variant of the fiction.
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They don't have the will-power to simply refrain from watching it?  LOL
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Both sides make some good points. Of course, since it's a debate format, they are forced to take opposite positions. It goes without saying that some immigrants of Muslim backgrounds will adopt and propagate liberal secular values, including back to their parent cultures, while some Muslims (both immigrants and converts) will spread fanaticism and violence. The question is what can Western societies do to encourage the former while preventing the latter?
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+Astrid Lakota that is okey for me. I honor your position and i believe you too to me... :)
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David Yonge-Mallo

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Step 1: Introduce McDonald's into China.
Step 2: Chinese soldiers become too big for their tanks and guns.

Well played, America.
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western food will do it, like it did to Japan & Korea. They're getting bigger and taller. Our bland tastes and body types taking over theirs.
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<Father Kostrzewa's attack on Lego is not the first time he has accused toys of harbouring evil. Hello Kitty and My Little Pony have also come under his scrutiny, with the latter being described as a "carrier of death".>
Father Slawomir Kostrzewa says toy company represents 'world of death' and that Zombie and Monster Fighter mini-figures can lead children 'to the dark side'
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Phfft ahahahaha! Everything is awesome! Everything is awesome when you are a tool of Satan!
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This is, in fact, a real thing and not an April Fool's joke, as one might presume.
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It's a little bit of both
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Note: The linked site is not actually made by a Christian, but by an atheist "satirist" (see: Poe's Law). "Jim Solouki" is the name of a character from Landover Baptist.

Do you think this goes too far? I think it's in rather bad taste. It pisses me off when the religious exploit tragedies, and I feel the same when atheists do it too.
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my feed is filled with  #prayformh370  shit both at facebook and G+
this would be funny if made maybe a week later
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Captain Picard has fallen on hard times.

(Okay, this doesn't have anything directly to do with Star Trek, but who doesn't love Patrick Stewart? Also, in the future, everyone's health care is provided by Starfleet Medical.)
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I saw that!!
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Did anyone else catch the shout-out to Don Knuth at the Oscars? (at 2:22)

Sci-Tech Awards: Matt Pharr, Greg Humphreys and Pat Hanrahan
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