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Important because: note the domain name.
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1. Author's name
2. US Dept of blah

Both disqualify comment. There is only one group I want to see comment and that is the groups that live it. They are qualified. Their opinions matter. Some opinionated "ambassador at large" is not and does not.
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David Yonge-Mallo

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For more than three years, two researchers have tracked the rise of state-sponsored Iranian hackers.
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David Yonge-Mallo

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It's important to understand both that not all Muslims share the beliefs of radical Islamists and that criticism of Islamic beliefs does not equate to attacking Muslims.
Secular and reformist Muslims plead that we learn to tell the difference between critiquing ideas and attacking people. When Islam is at question, members of the American Left and Right race into o…
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+David Yonge-Mallo
 Google that statistic yet, you motherless asshole?
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David Yonge-Mallo

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The religious freedom argument applies only to Christianity, apparently. This is what Christian privilege looks like, and why the idea that Christianity is persecuted in the US is ridiculous.
The suit claimed that Missouri's 72-hour abortion waiting period violated a Satanic Temple member's religious freedom. Nearly a year after it was filed, a judge dismissed it on the grounds that the plaintiff was no longer pregnant.
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+David Yonge-Mallo​ I didn't say it wasn't an overly technical cop out, or even 'fair' per say, but it's legally valid.

You can try to argue it was religious persecution or whatever all you want, good luck proving it in court the burden of evidence and loops you gotta jump through for that stuff are not easy.
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David Yonge-Mallo

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<Numbers like that put “Jedi” right behind Sikh on the list of religions in the country. It seems unlikely that all these people truly believe themselves to be actual Jedi, and most of them make the claim as a harmless way to declare their Star Wars fandom and give the government the middle finger at the same time.

However, a group called the Atheist Foundation of Australia is leading a campaign to get people to stop making this joke. Their reasoning is, that when officially counted, Jedi gets classified as a “Not Defined” religion instead of “No Religion.” When that happens, they believe “it makes Australia seem more religious than it really is.” Which, again, doesn’t sound like a problem, but “data on religious affiliation is used for public policy, city planning, community support facilities and more”...>

It's weird that "Jedi" is considered "Not Defined", and that "Not Defined" is counted towards religion rather than as "No Religion". That's where the problem is, not that atheists shouldn't put "Jedi" as their "religion".
A battle over government, religion, and Star Wars is brewing in Australia. The country will hold their national census on August 9 and a group of people is begging their fellow citizens to not put “Jedi” down as their religion.
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The Pastafarians in the US are making a bit of a stink in court. there have been multiple courts that said it's not a religion for the sake of tax excempt status, BUT Texas allows them to wear colanders in drivers photo's as religious garb.

If they get enough cases together they might get something practical limiting religion in another 5-10 years.
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David Yonge-Mallo

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Of all the possible ways to protest against religion, this is just weird.

I wonder how this even happened.
Channel 5 has removed an episode of Fireman Sam from its online streaming service, after the animated children’
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Beggars belief that Channel 5 kowtowed to the scum.
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David Yonge-Mallo

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The story of more than a decade of war, terror and revolution in the Middle East, seen through the eyes of six people whose lives were changed forever.
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David Yonge-Mallo

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I guess the take-away here is to never sign any government forms you don't understand.
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David Yonge-Mallo

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That there is outrage is a step in the right direction.
The marriage of a six-year-old girl to a man more than nine times her age in exchange for a goat has sparked shock and outrage in Afghanistan. The youngster, named as Gharibgol, is said to have been married off by her father to the mullah of Obeh, a village in the Herat province of Afghanistan.
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+David Allee If you are light skinned, then you are an Easterner, of Northern Europe.
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David Yonge-Mallo

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Reality is complicated. Be very skeptical whenever someone proposes a simple cause (e.g., "ransom payment") for a complex geopolitical event.
This dumb controversy is everything wrong with our Iran debate.
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David Yonge-Mallo

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I don't know if anyone here plays Pokémon Go, but many PokéStops happen to be churches or other religious buildings, because they qualify as "points of interest" for architectural or historical reasons.

I spotted this today and thought it was funny, though I don't know if it was deliberate. A church in my neighbourhood is being occupied by a Flareon (let's pretend it's a hell-hound) with CP 666.
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My Flareon is CP 1380
Which is 666+666+48, because it's numerology and you just make that shit up as you go until you get what you want.
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David Yonge-Mallo

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Is threatening people with excommunication still a thing?

I wish people who have sensible positions on abortion and women's rights would follow the priest's advice and leave the Catholic Church.
After a Catholic bishop admonished the pro-abortion Democrat Time Kaine saying that he can’t reconcile his Catholic faith with abortion, another Catholic leader is taking Hillary Clinton's new running mate to task. Now, Washington, DC-based Fr. Thomas Petri has sent out a series of tweets addressing the Catholic candidate's pro-abortion views -- with one saying Kaine should not present himself for communion in his church. The tweets appear below:...
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Ex-communication? How quaint. The priest should just tell Kaine that he's going to hell and be done with it.
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