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Overheard: "Let's go attack the church!"

Militant atheists, or Pokémon players?
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Could be ingress
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David Yonge-Mallo

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"Jesus, take the wheel."
MARY ESTHER — A 28-year-old woman was taken to the hospital for evaluation after driving into a Mary Esther house Thursday morning. The woman told
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That's what happens when you try and drive whilst listening to Oh Lord buy me a Mercedes Benz...

You subconsciously want to drive in too the closest hard object to stop the noise.
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David Yonge-Mallo

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There are just too many good quotes in this article for me to pick just one or two as a summary.

Contrary to stereotype, Saudi Arabia is not made uniformly out of fanatics. Instead, it's like something out of a surrealist dystopian novel, except it exists in real life.
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+Alex W. A tyranny is a tyranny regardless of other names given to it.
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David Yonge-Mallo

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An interview with "Q" on the Friendly Atheist podcast.
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David Yonge-Mallo

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The "competent and very careful theologian" shoots himself in the foot.

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I never bother to read names of posters. 
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David Yonge-Mallo

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Various theories (in the conspiratorial sense) are being floated as to what's really happening in Turkey, but whether it was a genuine coup or staged, and whether it was started by secularists or the Gülen movement, it seems the consequence will be the beginning of the end of secularism in Turkey.
The sweeping purge of soldiers and officials in the wake of the failed coup in Turkey is likely to be conducted with extra vigour because a number of close associates of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are among the 265 dead. The number of people detained so far is at 6,000 including soldiers, and around 3,000 judges and legal officials who are unlikely to have been connected to the attempted military takeover.
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All secular Turks are pretty vulnerable right now. Islamist mobs are marching on the streets and threatening people. I cannot believe that Obama administration is still so friendly and supportive to Erdogan even though Erdogan has been showing his real face since 2010!
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David Yonge-Mallo

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Imagine if we lived in a world in which politicians had to write up their policies in peer-reviewed academic journals.

Nah. That's just too fantastic.
Importance The Affordable Care Act is the most important health care legislation enacted in the United States since the creation of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965. The law implemented comprehensive reforms designed to improve the accessibility, affordability, and quality of health care. Objectives To review ...
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David Yonge-Mallo

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I guess the Muslim apologist wasn't expecting to encounter an atheist who knows Arabic and the Qur'an better than he does. Whoops.

The thing that I don't get is why he would bother trying to shoehorn science into the Qur'an while also rejecting evolution. If a religion did reveal prescient scientific knowledge, it would only be an impressive fact if science were a reliable methodology for getting at truth; conversely, if science is wrong about evolution, then it must be so flawed at such a fundamental level that agreement with it would not be an asset. (It's almost like he knows science is a more reliable source of knowledge than his religion, but can't bring himself to admit it.)

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+David Yonge-Mallo most likely not.
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David Yonge-Mallo

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The Friendly Atheist podcast interviews John de Lancie ("Q" on Star Trek).

His explanation of why he shies away from the term "atheist" is interesting.
John de Lancie is an actor best known for his portrayal of “Q” on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager. He's also appeared on Breaking Bad and The West Wing. In September, he filmed a video for the Openly Secular campaign.
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David Yonge-Mallo

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"Imagine there's no countries.
It isn't hard to do..."
Nation states cause some of our biggest problems, from civil war to climate inaction. Science suggests there are better ways to run a planet
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David Yonge-Mallo

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Q: "But you can't deny Captain, that you're still a dangerous, savage child-race."
Picard: "Most certainly I deny it. I agree that we still were when... (indicating)... humans wore costumes like that four hundred years ago..."
Q: "At which time you slaughtered millions in silly arguments about how to divide the resources of your little world. And four hundred years before that you were murdering each other in quarrels over tribal god-images."

D.C. Fontana and Gene Roddenberry were a bit too optimistic when they assumed that "murdering each other in quarrels over tribal god-images" is four centuries behind us.
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Kenny C
They were also way too optimistic that humans will still exist 400 yrs from now.
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