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Alan Gallauresi
Some kind of magnate. Sorghum, maybe. Alan Gallauresi, Sorghum Magnate. Yeah.
Some kind of magnate. Sorghum, maybe. Alan Gallauresi, Sorghum Magnate. Yeah.

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Want to say thank you to all who downloaded Heist School Freshmen during its free days!   Hope you enjoy it.

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alan.gallauresi hung out. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>

#BadAmazonSeriesPitches "When real estate couple Joel and Trudy Jenkins are forced to move house to avoid overbearing neighbors, they actually 'move house' -- putting their home sweet home on a flatbed truck and rolling to a new town. The trouble is, they just can't seem to settle down. Each week they pull up stakes and drive their house to a different location, encountering one wacky neighbor after the next, with hilarious consequences. Every neighbor is someone the audience recognizes but can't really place, like the kid who played Donkey Lips on Salute Your Shorts, or maybe Steven Weber - he needs work, right? You'll never know who you'll meet next, in HOME AWAY FROM HOME."

#BadAmazonSeriesPitches "Have you ever watched Grimm or Once Upon a Time and thought 'This show would be better if all the characters lived in and worked at a themed luxury hotel?' Well, wishes do come true in PRINCESS FOR A STAY. Think Fantasy Island meets Hotel, except swap Cinderella in for Connie Sellecca's character, and Tattoo is some kind of goblin king. You'll meet all your favorites: the three blind mice bellhops, Jack's giant as the surly short order cook, and an unlicensed Tinkerbell playing conceirge, as these fabulous beings vie for tips and their star rating, with hilarious consequences. How would you like to be PRINCESS FOR A STAY?"

#BadAmazonSeriesPitches "When crack Navy Seal Benjamin Tuttle is assigned a new post patrolling Lake Michigan, he's partnered up with an artificial intelligence created by Homeland Security. This AI - codename Biometric Android Silicon Submersible, or B.A.S.S. - is downloaded into a 8 foot loot long metal sub built for underwater reconnaissance. Together, Tuttle and B.A.S.S. investigate cod smugglers, defeat tiny North Korean subs and find the lost sunken treasure of Al Capone, with hilarious consequences. This fall, if you're not watching B.A.S.S. OPS, you're all wet!"

#BadAmazonSeriesPitches "Just like the Hunger Games reinterpreted The Running Man, LICENSE TO DIE takes the flashy concept of 80s game show Bumper Stumpers to deadly heights, with hilarious consequences. In this black comedy, the ensemble cast of LICENSE TO DIE must compete to interpret license plate letters into common phrases or face the trials of evil game master Al Dubois, who owns the private prison system where all license plates are made. Plus, there's a little person and lots of sex, like in Game of Thrones."

#AmazonSeriesPitches "When Roberta and her twin brother Zippo each receive 1/3rd of their grandfather's mansion, they must move back in with their controlling, hypochondriac 'tiger mom' Magdelene. Too bad they're deadbeats who have spent the last 10 years pretending to be successful doctors -- Robert a proctologist, and Zippo a gynecologist -- to their mom AND each other! The fun really starts when each twin discovers the other's secret but don't let on, with hilarious consequences. Please have a seat as you wait for DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE." #BadAmazonSeriesPitches

#AmazonSeriesPitches "The good news: Mary Lewis and Jamiqua Powers just received their doctorates in marine biology. The bad news: who needs a doctor of marine biology in this economy? In desperation, the nutty pair pool their money to start a tanning bed franchise, but the only location available is in on the shores of frozen Greenland! When they arrive, they hit upon the idea of standing their tanning beds upright to create a warm beach oasis resort for confused tourists and wacky locals. A frolicking cast of sea lions and penguins add to the fun, with hilarious consequences, on YOU'RE GETTING WARMER!" Note that this show works equally well as a summer series and a winter replacement.

#AmazonSeriesPitches "Seth is a boorish narcolept with a $20 Million trust fund and a medical condition that causes him to sleep 21 hours a day. When his embarrassed parents hire Josh, the young butler, to play their son at upper crust social functions, the situation gets messy quickly as Seth starts falling for Josh's wife Lilly. Seth must drink massive amounts of caffeine to stay awake as he woos Lilly, with hilarious consequences, on WAKE ME WHEN IT'S OVER." The series is also a viral marketing campaign sponsored by Mountain Dew, whom we are in talks with.
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