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Modern-day Thanksgiving Traditions – Buying the Free-range Turkey
      After years of living in Indiana we discovered the wonders
of the farmers market that set up every Wednesday afternoon during the summer about a ½ a mile
from our house.   After hanging out there
and getting to know some of the farmers, we discovered ...

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"There Are Better Beaches" - Another Attempt
We went to our favorite beach.   The last time we went there I tried to write
about it in a creative way, from the perspective of someone we met along the
horrible dirt road, who told us how terrible the beach was and that we should
turn back because, in hi...

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Happy Birthday, Bettie GRACE
       Today is my mom’s birthday—the first one since she passed
away on May 25.   She would have been
79.   We were already thinking about what
we were going to do for her “Big 80 th .”   I guess it will be different than anything we
were thinking about.  ...

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Good Stories
 There was a time before Facebook
when people would send out mass emails to their “friends” with jokes, stories,
and political statements.   I had my
favorites, usually jokes and funny stories.   There were those that I didn’t even open before I deleted the...

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Thanking God for Auntie M. Cecilia
This week at the American Baptist World Mission Conference
my friend and colleague the Rev. Dr. M. Cecilia Broadous was remembered.   M. Cecilia passed away in June of this
year.   Though she had been in poor health
for some time, it was still unexpected. T...

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Frazzled with Bob, Babbs and Mac: Continuing Thoughts on Legacy
graduated from seminary 30 years ago this month (I was quite young at the time, really!).   I have just completed my 30 th academic year in campus ministry.   At
times it is hard to believe that 30 years have gone by so quickly.   Then again, when I look ...
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