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Miss +Bliss Morgan​, I have a question for you.

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A little while ago I posted about why I feel that Google+ is superior to Facebook in pretty much every way from a technical standpoint. But I've come to the realization that what compels me to spend more time here and less time there is one thing, really.

The feel.

Facebook has, for a long time, felt like a chore. I felt I had to accept friend requests from, for example, Facebook hussies who derive an inordinate amount of self-worth from the amount of "Friends" they have. My list is about 200 strong, and I'd say that I have yet to interact on any meaningful level with a third of them, all of whom sought me out. I mean...what the Hell was the point?

When you throw in neverending hoaxes, inaccurate chain statuses, political venom, theological arguments, carried-over high school grudges and, my personal favorite, eminently antisocial people on a social network, Facebook feels like an obligation more and more frequently.

GooP just feels different.

Whilst I'm waiting (hoping) for the people I care to hear from see the light and cross the Rubicon, I love the fact that complete strangers and I are getting together on the strength of actually having something in common. Writers seeking the company of writers...hey, that's so crazy it might work.

GooP is like a huge party where everyone knows only a few people. Naturally, they group up and get to talking. The difference here is that eavesdropping is encouraged, and when someone walks over and says, "Hey, I do that, too!" the circle opens up and someone hands them a beer.

+Brent Smith Your FB profile pic is awesome.

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Book teaser for my upcoming zombie thriller "Orpheus." Decent book trailer or total book failure?

Orpheus Trailer

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Working on da "Orpheus" cover. Wife helping. A lot.
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