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I'm really loving NFC lately. I've only started using it sometime last night, but it makes sending files to devices so hilariously easy. Just now I wanted to move a screenshot from my tablet to my phone, and rather than uploading it to imgur or emailing myself, just hold the devices together and tap the screen. Done.

This technology needs to take off. Right now outside of android I've only seen it at one place - the gas station. My credit card has nfc and they accept it there for payments under $50, so once every ~three weeks when I get gas I can use it. How riveting.

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3.56 // HALO 7

That's one of the last alpha's - HALO will go into beta stage soon. This version has some low level stuff cleared, a couple of apps seem happier with it. The open/close animations are fixed, the rare black opening animation is gone. Some apps that wouldn't do it before go up floating now (GMusic for instance).
We haven't really begun finetuning the UI but this one has frst drawables from +Arz Bhatia for the pulsing animation.

UI will be our focus when it's in beta. Making it more snappy and fluid, perhaps adding a small physics engine for flinging halo around. But one step at a time.


PS. This build will be released for the S3 as well thanks to +Bidyut Mukherjee 

"It’s an unpopular topic in many circles, but in the aftermath of the devastating tornado that ravaged Moore, Oklahoma (and the countless Facebook posts that have followed), I want to say something on the subject of prayer.

I completely understand why so many people invoke God and prayer during these terrible times. When I was a Christian, it was a reflex, and had I witnessed such destruction and loss of life, I would have undoubtedly encouraged others to pray.

“Pray for the wounded, that they’ll all be found and delivered from harm. Pray for the grieving families, that God will help to heal their broken hearts. Pray for the rescue workers as they navigate dangerous piles of debris in their search for survivors. Pray for the city, as it once again faces a long recovery and rebuilding.”

And of course, whenever a battered but breathing child would be pulled from the splinters, or when a family walked away from a leveled house, or whenever an elderly woman would be reunited with a pet (which is a hugely moving video circulating the web right now I would say “Thank God. It’s a miracle.”

I understand it. Humans grope to find (to construct) mechanisms of hope and healing, and in our helplessness, we continue to invoke the One who can be the unmovable pillar that supports our wavering hearts. For many, the idea of enduring this terrible moment alone is too frightening to bear.

“Pray for Oklahoma. Thank God it wasn’t worse.”

I watched the elderly woman’s reunion with the dog she had written off as lost only minutes before, and I was deeply touched by the moment, as were so many of you. It was a much-needed interjection of relief and joy into the horror, and it warmed the heart. But although you and I would never seek to detract from her ebullience, as agents of reason, we must bring an uncomfortable truth to light.

If the rescue of the dog was indeed God’s divine hand of protection at work and a genuine answer to prayer, that reveals several key things:

1) If God exists, he has the power to miraculously intervene, and he has the will to (at least occasionally) do so.

2) God used his divine powers to rescue a dog while allowing the horrific deaths of human beings, many of them children.

3) God is now receiving the prayers to comfort grieving families whose deceased loved ones enjoyed a lesser level of divine protection than the dog.

We must address this rationally. If God is omniscient, he saw the tragedy in advance and said nothing. If God is omnipotent, he watched the tornado form and did nothing. If God is benevolent, he did not warn his precious children, nor did he see fit to prevent the violent deaths of at least 24 of them by redirecting the tornado or dissipating it into harmless vapor. The Being who spun the cosmos into existence sat on his hands as the structure of Plaza Tower Elementary School collapsed upon the heads of terrified and screaming children.

So as our Facebook pages fill with pleas to “pray pray pray,” we as rational people lament that so many good people are calling down favors from the very savior-deity that was invisible, inaudible and undetectable only hours before when he was truly needed.

How can one pray to God for help in grief recovery when God elected to do absolutely nothing to prevent the grieving? Why would a father so uncaring about his children at 6pm be suddenly fervent about helping them at 7pm? And why would any moral person bind his/her allegiance so completely to a God that would allow a tornado to strike an elementary school?

Again, it’s unpopular to say these things in a culture that seeks comfort above all, and I don’t begrudge the faithful for calling out (and up) to their deities in desperate moments. But I am convinced that there’s something alarmingly and terribly broken about this whole scenario, and while my concerns don’t fit as nicely on the posters, the placards, the banners, the ribbons and the mountains of prayer-warrior posts coloring today’s social media, they do have merit and should be considered by those giving up thanks and calling down divine favors.

Finally…one last thought about the dog. As the reporter noticed the traumatized animal under the rubble, you’ll notice human hands reaching down, lifting up the debris, pulling the dog from its trap and holding it close in a gesture of gratitude, relief, love and pure joy.

Human hands.

As has always been the case in good times and bad, human hands are the things we see in action. They’re the agents of true intervention and rescue. Human hands pull us from the rubble. They bandage our wounds. They carry us to safety. They wipe our tears. They hold us close. And they will again rebuild."

taken from

Quick Google I/O overview for those who didn't watch it:

-most obvious, massive google+ overhaul, with a new stream layout which has flippable content, cross platform text/picture/video messaging via Hangouts (available as an app for droid and ios), and a new photo overhaul that allows full size pics along with a built in touch-up app. g+ was legitimately better than facebook before, now it's blowing fb out of the water so hard that it's making fb look like 2003's myspace in comparison.

-play books can now read your own epub files. Goodbye Moon Reader+, I'll be reading A Clash of Kings on gbooks, kthx.

-play music got overhauled with a new app and website redesign, along with a subscription service for 10 bucks a month (which isn't in Canada yet), but you can still upload  20,000 mp3s of your own for free.

-i mentioned hangouts, and it deserves it's own bullet point. seriously. there's just no need to use fb messenger or skype anymore.

-android studio, a new development environment based on Intellij. It gave me a code boner.

-maps got a ludicrous overhaul both on the web and phone apps.

-search/google now were also updated, showing off more gnow cards, as well as "conversational" voice search. It's sort of like siri on ios but more powerful/accurate. New cards are for music, movies, tv, games, etc.

-android 4.3 should be talked about during the dev conference tomorrow.

-google games, their new gaming API, with cloud saves across devices, achievements, leaderboards, and cross platform multiplayer.

-they showed off a galaxy s4 running stock android with an unlocked bootloader, which is cool and all if it weren't for the $650 cost and the HTC One being a thing.

-the chrome team showed off some new file formats developed for the web - a jpg replacement that has comparable quality at 30% smaller file sizes.. yet also supports transparency and gif-like animations. There's also a new video format that has reductions of 50-60% on average. This all sounds nerdy but was actually pretty goddamn impressive, and I can't say I'll be sad to see .gif disappear when it takes off.

This isn't meant to sound emo, but the only thing that would make gw better is if my RL friends could pull themselves away from Warcraft long enough to see how much better a modern non-wow-clone MMO can be.

All you e-friends are cool and all, but the only reason WoW was fun was because I got to shoot the shit with friends who I don't get to visit in person often enough. GW on the other hand is inherently fun - the most fun I've had in gaming so far - but it could be even better with a guild of friends.

Hey hipster indie kids, I'm trying to find a music video of a song I remember being rather catchy. I don't remember the name of it or the artist.. but it was like two people, a guy and girl, and they're both in bed naked but it's blurred and you can't see anything. Anyway they get out of bed and go running around the city (possibly new york but I don't know shit about cities). And the song is sort of indie popish rock if I remember right.

Google is failing, since searching for 'music video of two people running through a city naked' just brings up results that make me want to jerk off rather than listen to music.

edit: and it's not Matt and Kim, although that vid is sort of similar.

also it was front paged on reddit some months back, which is how I found it in the first place. Reddit search is also failing me.

I've got a fever.
And the only solution..  is more guardian.

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Okay, seriously. Let's get this fixed.
Google Contact Picture Resolution

Dear Google,

Almost all of your proud and loyal customers have been plagued by poor contact picture resolution on your website: The current maximum allowed resolution for contact pictures on this website is 96x96 (pixels).  Ice Cream Sandwich allows for contact pictures to be stored at a maximum of 256x256 (pixels).  We were promised by +Vic Gundotra and +Punit Soni that this issue was in the works around the end of January 2012.  It has been over 5 months since the initial promise to fix this issue.

Google I/O 2012 occurs and Google surprises us all with many new Google projects and a new version of Android (Android 4.1 Jelly Bean).  Android 4.1 came with many improvements, including an increase in the maximum resolution of stored contact pictures from Ice Cream Sandwich’s 256x256 (pixels) to a whopping 720x720 (pixels).

Google, do you realize how much of a slap in the face that is to us?  For a company that defines the word pioneer this is absolutely poor.

I would like to refer to a post +Vic Gundotra made on August 25th, 2011.  It is titled: Icon Ambulance.  Mr. Gundotra goes on explaining how Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs called him one Sunday morning during church because the second letter “o” in the Google logo’s shade of yellow did not look right.  Mr. Jobs then assigned someone to fix it on Monday.  The rest of this post can be viewed here:

Mr. Gundotra’s post was a post of admiration towards Apple’s CEO.  Though a post of admiration, you would think that Steve’s passion and attention to detail would influence Google to never miss key details because this is what keeps (or drives away) customers.

I made a post regarding this issue in January seen here: 

This post gained some attention, but I fear that in order to see this issue get taken care of, a more aggressive approach must be taken by all of us.  I urge everyone to share this post everywhere, +1 this post, comment and engage in the discussion, paraphrase it, and contribute to this cause because it affects many of us that use Google/Android products!

Thank you for reading, let’s get this ball rolling!

Google Employees: +Vic Gundotra +Punit Soni +Larry Page +Sergey Brin +Andy Rubin +Dan Morrill  +Reto Meier  +Joseph Smarr 
+Scott Main +Alexey Shelestenko  +Mike West +Ryosuke Matsuuchi +Nick Butcher +Hugo Barra +Gabe Cohen +Eric Schmidt +Nikesh Arora +Nikesh Mistry +David Drummond +Patrick Pichette +Alan Eustace +Amit Singhal +Dennis Woodside +Jeff Huber +Kent Walker +Laszlo Bock +Rachel Whetstone +Salar Kamangar +Sridhar Ramaswamy +Sundar Pichai +Susan Wojcicki +Urs Hölzle 

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I want some ideas for geeky keychains. Right now the best one I've found on eBay seems to be Yoda's lightsaber, but naturally they're overpriced as all hell.

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Oh Michelangelo, you sly dog you.
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