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Can someone link to a leuchtturm1917 in the size that the +Ryder Carroll one is?  I really want a new one and in Navy Blue :)  I am getting confused on A5 A6 etc  Thanks! 

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Very Cool - That +Stephan Hovnanian mentioned me.  This was a great series. One I revisit often.

If you need help with Email Marketing at all - +Stephan Hovnanian is your man. 
Is it better to have one topic or multiple topics in my email newsletter?

Great question from +Terry Grier during our Get Smart About Email Marketing premiere episode. How much is too much? is a struggle we all face, and when it comes to calls to action in an email campaign, less is typically more. But as you'll see in this super-quick tip (under 2 min), there are ways to include multiple links and still keep your subscribers on track.

Also, pay attention to the little info bubble that pops up on the right for links to other videos from our series that tie directly into this topic. Pretty cool how that happened, huh?

#emailmarketing   #emailmarketingtips  

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So proud of my business partner +Mellie Price for bringing up the anti-equality bills in the legislature and their potential damage to Austin's culture and entrepreneurial spirit.

“You can’t separate the political environment from the economic development environment,” Price said. “It is vital for Texas for young people to feel welcome here.”

Update - Limited Edition

My came today.  +Ryder Carroll  was very nice and sent me an email with tracking info. Which was not needed because it was in my mail box! 

I love it.

As a lefty it is going to take some time getting used to it not laying 100% flat. 


I am getting nervous that I got missed.  I now see "Unlimited" hitting peoples door steps.  I signed up for the limited edition etc.

Still do not have mine or any tracking info.

Any one else still waiting? 

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Another great post!

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Pre planning my opening pages of a new bullet journal.

I thought I would share. I use a smaller notebook.

I made a grid on one sheet and each grid is a page. And this gives me a quick overview of my first couple of pages.


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Blood Moon

Didnt plan on taking pics of the lunar eclipse..but I randomly woke up at 4:30 because my neighbors car alarm was going off...anyway hope you like it :)
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